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2015-07-05 23:33:50

Retired programmer/analyst at University of Texas at Austin - Over the y ears, I have worked on CDC 6400/6600, Cyber 70, PDP 11/03 11/04 11/70, Cray X/MP and Y/MP, Sun and DEC workstations of various models, VAX clusters, DEC Alpha servers and desktops, and various Windows servers and desktops.

OS experience over the years: UT2D (CDC and Cybers), RT11, RSX11, VAX VMS, various flavors of Unix (Sun, BSD, Cray, DEC), Windows of all flavors since the early 90s and through retirement in 2007, experience playing with Linux since the early 2000 including Red Hat, Ubuntu, and now MINT, and finally OSX.  Since retirement, I primarily play around with MAC OSX (I love its BSD foundation), Chrome OS, and of course, Linux on my old PCs.

Over the years (beginning in mid-70s - yes, I am OLD (62)), programmed in Fortran, Basic, Lisp, Pascal, C, and the assemblers for the CDC (Compass), and PDP11s and VAX assemblers (Macro 16 and 32 bit flavors) for real time applications.

As a retiree, I like playing with various computers and gadgets as an "end user" and tinkerer, riding my bicycles, playing my banjo, classical singing in various local choirs, and goofing with my dog in the park.

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