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Well, I'm me, so that's a start.


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Intel CPU/Processor, Works perfectly on Qiana
GT520 2GB Superclocked
EVGA Graphics Card, Works perfectly on Qiana
Razer Keyboard, Works fine with some minor problems on Qiana
Razer Keyboard, Works perfectly on Qiana
Gateway Laptop or Netbook, Works fine with some minor problems on Qiana
Sony VAIO Laptop or Netbook, Works fine with some minor problems on Qiana
Dell Monitor, Works perfectly on Qiana
nForce 680i SLI 122-CK-NF68-T1
EVGA Motherboard, Works perfectly on Qiana
Naga Epic MMO
Razer Mouse, Works perfectly on Qiana
N Wireless USB Adapter
Belkin Wireless LAN, Works perfectly on Qiana
Favorite software:
"Not the latest version, but it works really good, use it to play Daggerfall and Wolfenstein"
"Great game, if you want the music go into synaptic and look up wesnoth-music or just search for wesnoth"
"Excellent web browser, it's quick, easy to use, secure, and very customisable. Love it!"
"LibreOffice is pretty much my go to open/free office software. MS Office will pretty much always be the defacto thing to go to, as well as Office online that is offered through OneDrive and for basic needs. But for an actual program, LibreOffice works very well, and is very polished. Also is nice to be able to not have to use GDocs (which, honestly, sucks really really badly) on Linux distros that I don't have access to MS Office."
"There is also a how to on how to install MIDI software synthesisers on the Ubuntu help website if anyone needs help with this. Also would like to note that if you need a GUI, QSynth does seem to work with Timdity rather than simply starting it from the command line."
"Haven't noticed any problems yet, works pretty quick (considering i don't use an SSD (yet)) and I also enjoy the options for being able to open a folder as root as well as opening a terminal in the current directory (never noticed this in Ubuntu's file manager but, oh well, I'm sticking with Mint for the time being)"
"Use it to play RuneScape in Opera (installed from MintInstall, not the version from Opera's website, when installing that version it doesn't seem to get placed in the correct location to allow it to utilize the adobe-flashplugin as well as openjdk)"
"Necessary for anything that uses the Microsoft fonts, be sure that you accept the EULA, if it doesn't show up after installing you'll have to run it from a terminal."
"Synaptic works great, have yet to encounter any issues."
"Works very good, it does seem to work with Timidity as I use it for MIDI files and it seems to be more efficent than straight up opening a Timidity server via the terminal (not really sure why, but hey, i enjoy the music in Doom now!)"
"Does exactly what I need it to do, works great!"
"Honestly it's pretty much one of the best media players out there and generally preforms better on lower end systems (ie: old Core 2 Duo systems running Intel GMA 3000 graphics)"
"Honestly, I kind of wish Opera would go back to working with the underlying engine that this browser is based off of rather than working on a Chromium derivative that they've customized. I honestly like the feature set and layout of this Opera much better and the only thing it's lacking is a little optimization and updates! Unfortunately my plea in a review on a Linux software center will mostly likely do absoluetly nothing to change Opera Software's future plans. I guess i'll continue to use this while i still can."