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2013-12-11 17:56:05

Mint user since Gloria, run both Linux Mint & Windows 8, Mint on the older computers. Born in 1962, the oldest of nine siblings. Married in 1988, on the verge of our 25th anniversary.

I'm not into distro or OS bashing, or condeming those who runs their choice of OS. Mint, as well as other Linux distros, is about freedom of choice. I like Mint for it's security & for the most part, ease of use. Not simply because it's free as in cost. Free is worthless without security & ease of function (learning curve to be expected).

Being disabled since early 2006, I had to find a way to occupy myself, as prior to that, I worked 12 hours per day, 6 to 7 days per week. Originally stumbled across Linux in 2008, via Ubuntu Wubi, which by chance, torched my XP install. That didn't stop my desire to learn Linux. Stumbled across Mint on a PCLinuxOS forum, as my cell based modem (at the time) wasn't playing well with the OS. A friendly member, after more than 20 pages of suggestions that was highly appreciated, but getting me nowhere, recommended Mint.

Though I don't participate a lot in the Mint forums, I'm a very actively silent participant in the Mint community by custom installing Mint (usually XFCE) onto (usually older) computers which are then sold at a local Hospice outlet store. These sells very well with the way that I set them up (ClamTK security, choice of Opera & Chrome in addition to Firefox). XFCE is the edition that I'm familar with, being that most computers that comes my way are usually older, or low spec. I also install Mint onto friends & relatives computers, as many are tired of the constant "Windows Tax". If not a new release, there's the yearly security renewal (most free Windows security is crap) to be bought.

Lets put it this way, I stay busy working with Linux Mint, & occasionally Ubuntu or Zorin OS. Some of the other Linux distros are way above my head, I'd rather stick with a familiar one, which helps me to learn more. If I really wanted to, I could open a used computer shop of my own, from my home. However, after much consideration, I decided against it, realizing that many who buys used PC's expects too much. I don't have time nor money for the hassle over standing behind used PC's.

The way that I'm doing things, helping a worthy charity & friends/family, is rewarding & satisfying to me. Seeing a smile on a face of one who thought their computer was gone forever (usually by failing to backup Windows), means more to me than money. Sometimes, I do manage to recover Windows, however more often than not, the original OS is toast.

Sorry for the long bio, didn't mean to bore, but wanted to tell my story.

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