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People with dry skin would sometimes like to fall into a big creme head and sit for a while. Your skin soaks up creams like a sponge, without its condition ever decisively improving. But with the cremen alone it is not done, already at the cleaning should be thought of the skin. Soaps or the so-called synthetic detergents shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis (short: syndets) have lost nothing on dry skin. They simply clean too thoroughly. They remove everything, including the protective grease layer, which helps to bind water in the skin. The latter reacts "irritated" - it becomes brittle, rough, scaly and itchy. And we shed "scary" also enough.

However, there are also refatting products - mostly herbal or mineral oils, which make the skin supple again. Urea, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E or collagen can also use our dandruff skin well.

Frequent showering or bathing is not advisable with dry, low-fat skin. If at all, oil baths or heavily re-greasing shower additives should be used if possible. seborrheic dermatitis natural treatment After a comfortable bath or the shower, they can not be rubbed off with the towel. Even better is cleaning with urea-based products. It keeps the skin moist, binds water to the skin.

In the cold season people with sensitive skin or psoriasis should not wash too hot. Water temperatures between 32 and 35 degrees are ideal, reports the magazine "PSO magazine", published by the German Association of Psoriasis.

Psoriasis is the scientific term for psoriasis.

Instead of staying for a long time under the shower or in the bathtub, a short contact with water and the subsequent cuddling in warm blankets would be much more skin-friendly, according to the magazine. In general, simple washing would be better - anyone who still shower or bathe daily, should at least cream. how to cure seborrheic dermatitis Oil baths for dry skin would have a nourishing effect, but unfolded only if the skin was not dried with a towel, it continues. Shower creams and oils are only effective at a lipid content of more than 30 percent.


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