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I've, have always wanted to do a container, sort of garden, with potatoes, you know how much I love potatoes, but have not been able to do it yet, and it's on my bucket list of items that I really want to do. But if you can do your own growing, that is going to be the cheapest option that you can eat healthily,

healthy, eat healthy, and you know, if you take into account the price of meat, if you drop one meat item from your shopping cart and add a certain fruit or vegetable, it's gonna be probably a wash, right, it will probably be even, so maybe you want to just think about, in your cart,

what can you eliminate that's unhealthy to add in the healthy item and swap it out, and I bet your overall grocery budget will stay the same if you're, you know, with eating healthy, you wanna think about adding healthy stuff in, if it's really hard for you to do it, to eat it,

then stick with what you've been eating, but just try to eat, just try to add in more vegetables and fruit. Just keep adding in, adding in, adding in, so if you, a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit, eventually, like you'll be too full for the bad stuff, right, just kind of

try to crowd out the unhealthy things that you've been eating, so that's a good way to sort of think about it in a slow process way like boiling a frog, kind of, like tricking your taste buds, and your stomach because unhealthy food, a lot times, we have addictions to it,

and I do believe your body has a physical reaction when you stop eating it, and it's upset and really wants you to get back to eating that because you're addicted, you know, there's all this talk about how there's certain parasites in certain foods, and how they actually, you know


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