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Really do, they're speaking on like some level to you, like trying to get you back to eating that food, so you're going through withdrawal, and then you feel like crap sometimes when you stop eating the bad stuff because it's withdrawal symptoms, so you feel bad,

even though you're eating healthy food, and then a lot of times that in itself is why people stop eating healthy because they're, like, well, it's making me feel bad, I don't like eating, I don't like juicing 'cause I just don't feel good. But you're actually having detox symptoms to the bad food.

So try to, you know, just keep adding and adding and adding the good stuff so that you can try to start, sort of, weaning yourself off the bad stuff and getting your body more accustomed to that healthy, to the healthy food, right. Alright, so hopefully that helped you, to inspire you,

to try to look for deals. If you have any other advice for anyone watching this artikel, please leave that down below in the comments so they can read about how you save money buying healthy foods in your grocery store, or your local farmers market, you know, sharing is a wonderful thing,

so please do so, and thank you guys so much for watching. If it's your first time here, I'm here every single Tuesday talking all about money. We're a family of six living in the Philadelphia area. I work full-time outside the home and I do this on weekends for fun and to help inspire myself to be a better person and to build wealth and that's it. Okay, alright, I'll talk to you guys next week. Alright, bye.

Young Sinatra 4 is really happening, it’s a great time to be a long time Logic fan and I’m sure we all got very excited when we saw that black and white cover. I really do want this project to be amazing, as I’m sure most of you guys do, but in this artikel today I’m gonna be presenting some points as to why I’m slightly worried about the project. Now I’m not saying Logic can’t deliver here


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