United States

Migrant from Windows 10. I do still have a Wintendo for now but run Mint everywhere else.

I consider myself to be mildly capable in Linux but still not anywhere near as well versed as I was under Windows. I am a programmer (mostly Java these days).

I also like gaming, pulp sci-fi/fan novels (WoT, Dresden, Stormlight are a few favs), DnD (although I dont really have time to play anymore), and I have an unhealthy obsession with Cuban cuisine.

I am particularly interested in the following *nix topics:

  • customized live discs
  • learning cross-platform frameworks and which of them is likely to be the least of a P.I.T.A. to learn while still being FOSS friendly (would eventually like to be able to throw together some x-plat GUI apps as easily as in VS but without relying on mono)
  • what would havebeen called "shell extensions" in the windows world (file manager customizations)
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