actually been on the sidelines with computers and linux since 1988

1993 saw me earning income

late 90's - wanted more than MS and played with linux

used to go to PLUG ( Perth Linux User Group ) @ UWA  approx 150 Kms round trip for me......

finally corel linux came along ........ there was light BUT MS soon closed that door :)

gave up for years ............. then read about LXDE.... tried it and loved it

I've got my 78 year old dutch electrician running it as well .......... never had a computer  so reliable :) ( also the least amount of calls for help!!! )

currently have about 1/2 a doz installs with friends around the place testing..

hoping they will make the leap.

Also playing with SWIFT....on really old harware

Love the combo of LMDE and the LX desktop

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