Ishwon Nitin Sookun

My name is Nitin Sookun and I’m a tireless seeker of knowledge, may it be new or ancient. I happen to be a Unix System Engineer, don’t know how though. I used to study Science, according to my memory of school days (which I happen to have attended some years back, though I don’t recall many of my teachers & friends names… but that’s another issue), and yet still I was better at languages and arts. I even tried design, which I was pretty awesome at (exams result don’t reflect it, but again that’s another issue), and surely which I thought was my ultimate dream. I finally ended a computer geek which I happen to be since I perceived the world from a child’s view (oh… I meant the geek only, computers came much later).

I currently work as Unix System Engineer at Linkbynet, and technically I’m still the Director of Indra Company Ltd (a project I started a couple of years ago as an IT hobbyist).

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