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The biography was copy/pasted from my DA profile. Minor changes may be in order.
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[Hmm... something about Alex, eh?    }:cough:

:trophy: :meditate: :trophy:
Well I'm rather open minded (exceptions excluded; seriously...), cool-headed, calculated, literally full of ideas, and to top it all: kind of a perfections in my own odd way. Rather talkative too.
Wonder if all this makes me a wiseacre? Sure hope not! ;P
If you need a creative suggestion, advice or help of any kind just note me - I'd be happy to assist whenever possible, really.

Speaking of which...
:coffeecup::coffeecup::coffeecup: :work::trash:
...I'm usually daring my luck at writing, and doing so in both my native tongue and English, one more then the other, at this moment both quite stalled. Shoot me a message if you need some text regardless of format (even do HTML now - a bit). I could use some trade/request work. We can always reach an agreement, but try not to strain it; show some modesty.
I may be bored silly, but I still have a life...
...well... chores, that is... and collage... yeah...

:ninja:...other then that I also dabble with:

drawing, spriting, colouring, animation, digital editing, formatting, film and photography, reviewing, as well as directing, organization, research, development and design, also my strongest aspect is thinking on the fly, specifically storytelling, so add that to the list... and...
[Let's stop while we're ahead, shall we?   } :paranoid:

I suppose that sums up the short version then.
Nothing more to say here... I think.

:bow: {  Be hearing from ya. Ћао!]
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