2018-04-18 19:45:56

I have created a mint4win.exe WUBI installer - (works on Linux Mint Version 12 DVD version and CD version)

I did this because the DVD version does not include mint4win.exe and there was an arbitrary decision why it was not included.

There is no technical limitation stopping the inclusion of mint4win.exe on the DVD.

I recompiled it from the sourcecode from Sourceforge mint4win project on 11/23/2011.

It is hosted @

It does not work on version 11 due to internal checking routines that I did not decide to edit.

---{(2 Easy Instructions)}---

1. Put linuxmint-12-gnome-dvd-64bit-rc.iso into the ROOT Directory (ie: C:\, D:\, E:\, Z:\, Q:\, L:\)

or whatever your .ISO is named, you can rename the ISO because mint4win does not check the name)

MAKE SURE IT IS IN the ROOT directory (ie C:\ D:\ E:\ -> Z:\)

2. Double click mint4win-12.exe (it will scan the root directories for any ISO between 600MB and 4.7GB and scan for any physical or virtually mounted DVD/CD, and analyze what it found to make sure what it found has the correct files.

---{(Additional Info)}---

This mint4win-12.exe Only works on version 12.

This mint4win-12.exe does not automatically download from the internet (please download the ISO first from a mirror)

If you use a physical DVD/CD you can choose the "Demo/Full Installation" option - but this does not install into Windows, it is exactly like using booting the disc itself  and bypasses any functionality of mint4win and WUBI therefore you should not choose this option - 

Choose "Install into Windows" to use mint4win (WUBI)

If you use a virtually mounted DVD/CD DEFINITELY do not choose "Demo/Full Installation" because it will try to reboot and the virtual drive won't be there anymore.

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