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Hi everybody, Bonjour à tous, Hola a todos, Tüm merhaba, すべてのこんにちは Presenting myself is always difficult, but necessary in this case … in fact it is the least :)

My name is Simone Favarin, but many know/call me Phate (fè-it). 
If you are wondering the origin of this curious nickname, that belongs to me from the far 2001, I’ll disclose you the secret immediately …

Phate was the main antagonist of Wyatt Gillette in one of the novels by Jeffrey Deaver, author of the cult of American thrillers, I’m talking about Profondo Blu, the Italian translation of The Blue Nowhere.

The etymology of the term derives from “Ph” that means phishing, an illegal activity that uses a social engineering technique used to gain access to personal or confidential information with the purpose of identity theft and from “fate”, destiny.

Closing this due digression, let’s talk about what I deal :)

“When someone says: I know too how to do this, it means he knows how to redo, otherwise he would have already done. Bruno Munari”

Since I was 17 I was very fond of Internet, that wasn’t so much known in Italy and the system was complicated (not much has changed thenceforth in Italy). I’m among the generation that loved the modem sound before surfing at the dizzy speed of 28.6Kb / s. and that boasted as creativity bitter enemies Jakob Nielsen, in the prime of his dictatorial genius.

My first love was an iMac (due quotation to remember S. Jobs). In fact I used the first console and I passed successively to a fantastic 486 with 4-colors screen with 3.5-inch disks given to me by my aunt …

Ok, I’m old.

Thenceforth I walked the more or less obscure path of creativity. I did almost everything, because I didn’t know, or better, I was always intrigued to discover what there’s in the side of the path that no one hardly ever goes.

I studied HTML when few knew it and I imagined O-Led when they weren’t seen too much.

I admit the www is a joy for a curious mind, especially at 16/17 years old in 1997.
I have ridden almost all the waves: illustration, digital illustration, typography, digital lettering, traditional graphics, post-production for fashion photography, video, industrial design, compositing, forums management, 3D matte-painting and of course web programming …After a long peregrination, I became a specialist in the creation of GUI(Graphic User Interface) and advanced master of Photoshop, which I know from version 3.5 and 4.0 in 1996.

I worked in web and offline for big brands, I won many awards, I organized campaigns more or less famous, I designed different objects and I had the honor and the opportunity to meet many mentors and international teachers which helped me to improve myself first of all. One of the many was Livio Milanesio, we collaborated actively… Unfortunately for him:). My curiosity led me to apply strongly in various scopes and markets, from fashion to automotive, switching between sports and charity campaigns. Currently you can find me as CEO on A magazine under license from creative commons.

I have trust in people, hard work, talents, creative commons and in collaborative intelligence and doubtless in tea, as a meditative element, and in that magic word by now almost forgotten called honesty.


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