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2014-09-16 09:37:05

This 13 June will be my 75th birthay. Presently retired and living in the Philippines after enjoying a career as a cabinetmaker, not fine furniture maker, and finish carpenter in the USA.

Started working and owning computers since the late 60s but have lost lots of skills when point, click, MS Windows came on the scene.  Use to be able to write simple DOS commands and make needed adjustments to commands, no more.  Linux is going to push me in a learning mode because the simpleton wiazards are all to few.

Just now I'm struggling with even using the preconfigured feature of the UFW that is package in the download.  Anyone willing to help me with this, I welcome the assistance.  In the mean time I will plundrer through, good for stimulating the brain-- but hours devoted that could be better spent.

Eventually this may look more like a biography. :) 

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