theduke The Duke
United Kingdom
MATE Edition
2014-01-08 15:54:22

Late Starter?

As an employee and home user, I have used Windows from 3.11 through to XP Professional. I tried Linux about 10 years ago but couldn't get to grips with it. I retired some 4 years ago and took on some consultancy work in business continuity.

Then came Windows Vista, and I HAD NO CHOICE. I started with Kubuntu, but about a year ago switched to Mint 13 - and have poromoted it to all my clients. It may not be 100% foolproof, but when compared to the latest iterations of Windows, it is absolutely fabulous.

My clients today can rest assured that their operating software is now not only reliable, but is free. Best of all, if ever they find a problem, at least one forum or another will have the answer.

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