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 How to reset the menu panel (gnome2)

If you've configured some things brocken in your panel or simply delete it by mistake (like me) then

- open a terminal (Alt-F2, or ctr-alt-t) and enter:

gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel

that should reset the complete panel to mint defaults.

For cinnamon do:

gsettings reset-recursively org.cinnamon 

Edit: Thanks to Redsandro:

You can also remove the configuration. For gnome:

mv ~/.gconf/apps/panel ~/.gconf/apps/panel.old

Then logout and login again.

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Created: 5 years ago.
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2 months ago

Just wanted to add that I came across this guide when my Panel would not respond to left mouse clicks (e.g. no menu or app selection). I noted that the colour of the Panel had changed as well.

I discovered I was in "Panel Edit Mode". Turning this off returned left mouse control (and the panel colour) to normal.

You can check, and disable, Panel Edit Mode by right clicking on the Panel. You will then see a Panel Edit Mode toggle, or you can click Panel Settings for a Panel Edit Mode check box (depends on the version).

Knowing this saved me from resetting the menu when I did not have to. Hope it helps someone else. :)
8 months ago

thanks a lot at same point I was not able use "left mouse button" on/in panel  
1 year ago

Many thanks. I'm a Mint newbie (not a Linux newbie) and I managed to wreck the task bar by:
(1) making it auto-hide
(2) telling it to scale the icons to the taskbar height
(3) accidentally setting the taskbar height to a very large number
(like 4832 - fast, clumsy typing)
Then it seemed impossible to reset the size of the taskbar, which covered the entire screen. Could have been worse - if it wasn't auto-hiding, then OUCH! Your reset tip for Cinammon fixed it. Thanks again.

Suggestion - a validation check could prevent clumsy people like me from setting such a large height value.
1 year ago

Why did this happen? Thanks for the solution. It helped me reset the panel to what it was.  
2 years ago

nice and helpful  
3 years ago

my right click on menu panel does not work.....what to do???  
3 years ago

Thanks! Exactly the right answer.  
4 years ago

Hi, we made a video guide for the same topic.. It's accessible at Vimeo: or at YouTube:
4 years ago

thanks! this is i need :)  
4 years ago

Very useful indeed. Many thanks.  
4 years ago

worked very well thank you:)i deleted the volume button,,,and yes i am a newbie  
4 years ago


My menu panel crashes regularly :/ , working on a 64-bit machine. After few experiments this worked for me:

1) rm ~/.gconf/apps/panel
2) gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel
3) Log out and in again
4 years ago

Thank you for this wonderful tip! I was going round the bend trying to undo whatever I did to upset my panel and was even considering a clean install to get things back as they were.

Great tip -- thanks a million :) !

4 years ago

You can also remove the configuration. For gnome:

mv ~/.gconf/apps/panel ~/.gconf/apps/panel.old

Then logout and login again. For other managers you can probably locate the configuration folder like so:

cd <- so you are in your home dir
find . | grep panel
4 years ago

Many thanks!  
4 years ago

@wanda: Thanks. I tried the line

code: gconftool --recursive-unset /usr/bin/xfce4-panel

but nothing happened. I logged out and back in again, but my old panel is still there.
4 years ago

Alt + F2
code : xfce4-panel
4 years ago

Hm...this didn't have any effect on my XFCE version. Ah, I see that there is no directory /apps on my system. Where would I find the default location of this directory on an XFCE system?  
4 years ago

Thank you!  
4 years ago

You save my time :)  
5 years ago

I was looking for something like this. Thanks!  
5 years ago

Very good,thanks!  

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