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PowerShot A310
Canon Camera, Works perfectly on Isadora
PNY USB CompactFlash & SmartMedia Card Reader
PNY Card reader, Works fine with some minor problems on Isadora
Optiplex GX110
Dell Desktop computer, Works fine with some minor problems on Isadora
Gemini Gamepad/Joystck, Isn't detected or recognized on Isadora
iConcepts Foldable keyboard
iConcepts Keyboard, Works perfectly on Isadora
Precision M60
Dell Laptop or Netbook, Works fine with some minor problems on Isadora
Thinkpad R52
IBM Laptop or Netbook, Works perfectly on Gloria
K7T Turbo
MSI Motherboard, Works perfectly on Isadora
K7T Turbo
MSI Motherboard, Works perfectly on Gloria
Logitech Mouse, Works perfectly on Debian
Nextar MP3 player, Works fine with some minor problems on Isadora
Canon Printer, Works partially on Isadora
DeskJet 882C
HP (Hewlett-Packard) Printer, Works partially on Isadora
Multipass C555
Canon Printer/Scanner/Multifunction, Doesn't work as expected on Isadora
Scanjet 4370
HP (Hewlett-Packard) Scanner, Works fine with some minor problems on Isadora
Sandisk Storage device (Hard Drive, Flash, USB stick..), Works perfectly on Isadora
DiskGO USB Disk Pro
Edge Storage device (Hard Drive, Flash, USB stick..), Works perfectly on Isadora
Flashdrive 303B
Memorex Storage device (Hard Drive, Flash, USB stick..), Works perfectly on Isadora
Iomega Storage device (Hard Drive, Flash, USB stick..), Works perfectly on Isadora
Targus USB hub, Works perfectly on Isadora
Logitech Webcam, Works perfectly on Isadora
Namtai Webcam, Works fine with some minor problems on Isadora
Linksys WIFI card/adapter/dongle, Works perfectly on Isadora
Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000
Microsoft Wireless Keyboard/Mouse, Works perfectly on Isadora
Favorite software:
"This is a very nice browser with the nostalgic feel of Netscape, and the power of Mozilla. It functions alone or fits well into a suite of software. Recommended if you like Firefox but want a browser suite rather than a standalone program. (And get just the parts of the suite you want!)"
"Lo and behold, you can set the login-screen background! And that's not NEARLY all this little utility does."
"This program looks very good for keeping track of how much time you spend on different things, and may just show you how much time you're wasting playing that video game... er... it may let you prove to the boss how must time you've been spending on your projects."
"Simple to use straight from the panel for reminders, pops up subtle notification when its finished that's quick to spot but not interfering with whatever you're working on. Great for reminders like checking the oven!"
"Great for a quick doodle! Sometimes it's all you need for a simple graphic. When you don't need fancy, but need to draw, this works nicely."
"I've liked this jabber client before when my university was using the service for the students and I was still using Windows. It's still the same great client since then, and works great for a minimal googletalk client."
"Great for reaching irc from the terminal! Easy to figure out if you've ever used irc before."
"Graphical typing tutor beyond the command-line one I tried. It doesn't need much else installed under gtk. The interface is very simple but not skimping on the features, so it is neither distracting nor intimidating."
"Feature full but not the latest version, so some features are missing, but not ones that seem absolutely essential. Great way to store recipes that you want to share, or for adjusting portions of your favorite dishes!"
"I love how this game teaches you a little bit about gravity while it focuses on a two-player "missile shooter" game. (Compare to some 2-D tank games.) The game runs smoothly, doesn't require fancy graphic drivers, and has very nice textures. None of it looks unfinished in any way, and it's a little addictive."
"I highly prefer this as my clock plugin on xfce to the default clock plugin, mainly for the calendar."
"Saved me from using a compiler older than 10 years on Windows for my C++ class. Huzzah for something updated within the last few years, and better - being updated!"
"Simple and easy to use GUI front-end to clamav. Lets you quickly get to scanning, and gives you peace of mind that you're not going to spread any viruses that don't affect your Mint system to Windows computers on the network or by mobile media like flash drives."
"Definitely one of the more comfortable calculator tools to use."
"Aaaah The robots! They're coming for you! Seriously, this is a simple and addicting game."
"Easy to play logic puzzle game that isn't "too easy to solve." Plays great and has an intuitive interface, that lets you learn how to play with ease."
"This game is more than meets the eye, it's not just Klondike solitare, but almost 100 different solitare games, most of which I don't know how to play, but now I get the chance to learn! This is amazing and fun."
"There's not a lot to this, and for me, that's a plus. Sometimes I need a quick place to type something up where Notes/Tomboy doesn't make sense or doesn't have enough space, and where a word processing program is just too slow or too much. This isn't really oriented towards being any sort of IDE at all, though it does have line numbers if you need it for a light purpose of doing some code work. Fast, quick, simple, and works like a charm."
"It's simple, it's fast, and it works splendidly on older hardware, much better than more common, heavier web browsers. It's also quite easy to use, and if you look further, there's extentions you can add. But sometimes, simplicity really excels over whistles and bells."
"Finding this midi sequencer made my day. I'd previously given up on trying to get MIDI files to play under linux, but this allows them to work!"
"I love this logic game! The quality is right up there as a standard include for the gnome-games package, and better than some of them!"
"This simple game is simply too addictive!"
"One of the absolute best features of Mint. I positively love the way updates are done."
"I found I missed this on Ubuntu. The configuration could be even better, but with each release it seems to improve."
"Indispensable tool for managing partitions!"
"Best choice of IDE for me from what's available. Simple to understand, and feels comfortable to use, much like Notepad++, only in IDE form (probably because it's based on the same thing, Scintilla.) I've use it for coding Java."
"Amazingly simple and easy! One of those "why didn't I think of this?" ideas. Better than shuffling around through shared folders to share files over the local network."
"Addicting strategy game with good graphics and an easy to use interface. Sounds are optional, I see this as a plus."