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 How to Get rid of the login keyring password

When we configure our account for login automatically, wheen booting we will be asked for our password for unlock the login keyring. If nobody else use your computer, this is useless, but it's really easy to remove:

First of all, we have to search for Passwords and Encryption Keys. Also you can open it from terminal:


You have to go to Passwords Tab, and there you will se a folder: Passwords: login  

Right Click and then Change Password. Enter your old password, and leave blank the new password fields.

Now you can try rebooting, it shouldn't appear now!


Also, the login keyring ask for the password if you have changed your user password. Doing this can fix that, just in the new passsword fields enter your new password.

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Created: 1 year ago.
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1 week ago

Tried your method and got this message.

Method "ChangeWithPrompt" with signature "o" on interface "org.gnome.keyring.InternalUnsupportedGuiltRiddenInterface"
doesn't exist

Any other ideas would be appreciated.
1 month ago

No ability to change password on 'Passwords' tab
Working with Linux Mint Maya
Help please?
4 months ago

I found this answer better:  
1 year ago

sorry didnt work for me, password still required  
1 year ago

On my installation here (12.04), the folder is called "Passwords: default"  
1 year ago

eamrnr Maybe when changing the password you put a wrong one. You can try this for change it: Also works on mint.

capt_coaldale Did you get any error message?
1 year ago

Installed Mint yesterday. Changed my password and now Mint doesn't recognize the old or the new password. Any idea what I can do?  
1 year ago

Didn't work for me. The password refuses to change.  
1 year ago

much helpful for me...
1 year ago

Thanks, a nice and simple fix.  

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