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 Reduce swappines

The swap tendancy is way to high in Linux Mint.

You can reduce it by following these steps:

-open a terminal en type: cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness

The tendancy is probably '60', what good is for servers but is to high for normal users

-type in terminal:  gksudo gedit /etc/sysctl.conf  (in mate you use pluma instead of gedit)

-add at the bottom of that text file, the following lines (copy and paste):

# Reduce the swap tendency
vm.swappiness = 10


-save the file and restart the computer.


The rule is:

1GB RAM or more: set the swappiness to 10

Less then 1GB: set the swappiness to 1

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Created: 2 years ago.
Last edited: 2 years ago.
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2 months ago

nemo got so slow after putting 200 gbyte on my 500gbyte hard disk with mint 17.1. Deleting fileroller and reducing swappiness to 10 (4gigaRAM) makes nemo much more fluent  
2 months ago

It worked in my Linux Mint 17.1. Thank you very much.  
2 months ago

It would be a perfect tutorial if you wrote what are the expected gains from doing such a thing. I did this to conserve my SSD.
Anyway, thank you. :)
4 months ago

in Qiana replace gedit with kate i.e
gksudo kate /etc/sysctl.conf

then follow the rest of the tutorial
4 months ago

Dont work in Linux Mint 17 MATE  
2 years ago

Other than your opinion why is this prudent?

for installs TO usb flash?
2 years ago

I do this for any Mint installs. Good tutorial :)  

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