5 years ago
Architecture: amd64
Type: MATE
Status: Rejected
Monsta 5 years ago

So, Ubuntu MATE 18.04 has indicators enabled by default. Because of indicator-power presence, mate-power-manager now has its tray icon disabled by default. Not a problem, but it's also not possible to set it in mate-power-preferences anymore (though still possible via dconf-editor). I think you might want to revert this patching.


This only affects Ubuntu (the patch is listed in ubuntu.series file).

Monsta 5 years ago

Just noticed that mintdesktop has checkboxes for show-input-method-menu and show-unicode-menu in org.mate.interface schema. These are mapped by mate-settings-daemon to Gtk/ShowInputMethodMenu and Gtk/ShowUnicodeMenu in GtkSettings, but these settings do nothing since GTK+ 3.10. We'll remove them from MATE in the next release.

Monsta 5 years ago

The schema override for button-layout key in org.mate.Marco.general schema gets in the way of mintdesktop's button layout setting. That combobox expects either "menu:minimize,maximize,close" or "close,minimize,maximize:". The override is neither of that, it's ":minimize,maximize,close". The result is that the combobox is empty by default. Why remove the window menu button anyway...?

Monsta 5 years ago

There's a config for plain GTK+ greeter in /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf.d/ folder. This greeter isn't installed. Not sure if you need that config, but it has Ubuntu 11 font, Mint-X theme - these are settings from previous Mint releases.

Monsta 5 years ago

With the default theme, nm-applet has quite old icon (from GNOME 2 theme, also present in MATE), and sound icon is gray (looks bad on black panel).

Monsta 5 years ago

Ok, should at least partially fix it.

Monsta 5 years ago

Nice, even Expo plugin works out-of-the-box now (Ctrl-Alt-Up).

Monsta 5 years ago

Ok, it turned out I just needed to rename mint.ini to mate.ini in /etc/compizconfig. Now most plugins work right after switching to Compiz in mintdesktop. App switcher is "static", mate-screenshot is set in gnome-compat, wobbly windows are on. Even the fallback window manager in crashhandler plugin is set to marco, as it should.

The options in winrules plugin aren't set though... need to investigate, maybe upstream renamed or dropped them...

Monsta 5 years ago

Oh, ndiswrapper and ndiswrapper-dkms packages are installed. Do we need that in 2018? These DKMS modules only slow down the installation of every new kernel.

Monsta 5 years ago

But CCSM actually creates /org/compiz/profiles/mate/plugins/ in dconf and puts several subfolders there, which have the settings of currently enabled plugins.

Correction: CCSM only creates that folder when you enable/disable some plugin (e.g. change the default settings). No idea where CCSM stores its default settings before that.

Monsta 5 years ago

Apparently, Compiz doesn't pick up mintdesktop's settings, in particular, the list of plugins which are enabled by default.

1. Static Application Switcher isn't enabled. When I press Alt-Tab, I see a row of window thumbnails moving left and right, with the active window frame standing still in the center. This is another plugin, the "Application Switcher" (without "static"). Static application switcher has behavior close to Marco/Metacity: a row of window thumbnails is static, and the active window frame is moving. That doesn't happen, even though it's set in mintdesktop.

2. Gnome-compat plugin is enabled... but it has gnome-screenshot set for PrintScreen key. That's the original compiz-gnome setup, not the one from mintdesktop. It should be mate-screenshot.

3. Wobbly windows. Yeah, it's just fancy stuff, but here it shows that mintdesktop's options aren't picked up. This plugin should be active by default, but it's not. That's the original setting, not mintdesktop's one.

There could be other settings to compare, but these are enough I think. You can run CCSM to see the actual list of enabled plugins.

clem 5 years ago

Hi guys,

  • Only one warning in mintupdate at a time, yes, that's by design. I didn't want to flood the UI with multiple infobars, especially with support for low-res in mind.

  • empty pkexec "message" are OK as long as the action ID is there to identify the source of the request. These messages are removed when not properly localized. They can also look pretty ugly at times.

  • mintupdate always kills previous mintupdate instances, that's how it's designed. We can consider changing that in 19.1, but that's how it works atm, it's not mintwelcome's fault.

  • updates are sorted by type/name or type/level/name if you show levels, that's by design. You can click on cols to change the sort. Remembering the sorting was never a feature of mintupdate. We can make it remember it in 19.1, it's a good idea, but it's not the case yet.

  • "After codecs are installed, a restart of mintwelcome is required to remove the codecs installation button from it." -> that's ok, I'm not sure it's worth listening for changes just to remove this. We can consider it as an improvement for 19.1 but it's not a bug.

  • "Launching codecs installation from mintwelcome shows a dialog that has no parent window set. It's easily covered by other windows and isn't shown in tasklist." I'll have a look to see if we can make it show in the panel... it won't take a parent window anyhow, it's using apturl right now.

  • I'll have a look for intel-microcode, I know ubuntu-drivers-common dropped it, but it might be installed by default now, I'll check.

  • xserver-xorg-video-intel is a legacy driver, we're using modesetting by default now for Intel GPUs, and that's for GPUs anyways, it's not related to intel-microcode.

  • Took note of all comments and will implement fixes.. sorry if I missed something.

Monsta 5 years ago

Hmm, mintdesktop still has a setting for terminal to enable fortunes. This does nothing as com.linuxmint.terminal schema is no more.

Monsta 5 years ago

It's not a video driver, it's a firmware for CPU

sibe 5 years ago

For enyc :'

For the intel driver, it's the same thing under Ubuntu 18.04 : intel driver is not offered but it's useless.

It does not bring anything interesting ! The intel chipset is managed by default with the opensource driver : xserver-xorg-video-intel.

Do not forget that Mint 19 is based on Ubuntu 18.04, a lot of things are not specific to Mint.


enyc 5 years ago

On test-mint19 installed on USB stick...  running the driver-manager, is  NOT  offering me  intel-microcode, have to install it manually.  Bear in mind these-days this (could) be seen as a security-issue...  Worth thinking about if it should be handled-differently.  May of course be whatever linuxmint-driver-server-whatnot that is spoken to, is knowlingly not-yet-working for mint-19, but thought I'd make the note.

Monsta 5 years ago

There's some inconsistency between Compiz plugins enabled by mintdesktop and the ones enabled in CCSM.

When you first switch to Compiz in matedesktop, it creates /org/compiz/profles/mate/ in dconf and puts plugins-with-set-keys key there, filled with list of enabled plugins. But it doesn't create /org/compiz/profles/mate/plugins/ which is supposed to contain settings of enabled plugins.

When you launch CCSM after that, it has a different set of enabled plugins. For example, it doesn't have winrules plugin enabled at all. But CCSM actually creates /org/compiz/profles/mate/plugins/ in dconf and puts several subfolders there, which have the settings of currently enabled plugins. These plugins are the ones that are checked in CCSM itself, so there's no subfolder for winrules in dconf.

I'm quite confused because winrules plugin actually seems to work (even though it looks disabled): mintmenu doesn't have a gap between itself and panel. Or maybe that bug isn't reproducible anymore with Ubuntu 18.04 base? No idea.

For reference, old bug reports about the gap and the commits with the fixes for it:

Monsta 5 years ago

Compiz doesn't have MATE compatibility plugin enabled, so Alt-F1 and Alt-F2 shortcuts don't work as MATE users would expect. There's GNOME compatibility plugin enabled, I have no idea what it does. Maybe some support from gnome-flashback session?

Monsta 5 years ago

The problem with swapfile is not that it exists, but that it's not possible to disable it during installation. I have to manually wipe it from /etc/fstab in the installed system.

enyc 5 years ago

I installed this test-system onto a Kingston USB-stick (oddly-enough), [ext4 + ecrypt-homedir variant], used it for a bit... One time it crashed overnight seemingly.

Upon next reboot I observed it dumping me to a "(initramfs)" prompt **without explanation**.  There was no "filesystem needs to be fixed, heres' what to do" or "see this website for instructions" etc... 

Given better GNU/Linux knowledge I did the whole e2fsck thing myself and 'fixed' errors and then was able to 'exit' and boot normally...

Hope that helps

Monsta 5 years ago

When using Mint-X theme, there are visual glitches in mate-screensaver-preferences in the side pane (list of screensavers). Just move the mouse over that pane back and forth, without clicking. The problem doesn't occur with Mint-Y, so I guess it's not some Virtualbox quirk.

sibe 5 years ago

For Monsta : for the file swap it's normal, this is a nes feature of Ubuntu 18.04 : there is no more swap partition but a swap file instead, it's not a bug, it's  the same under Ubuntu. (since 17.04)

cf :

Monsta 5 years ago

Oh well... lightdm-settings is one more app with missing label in pkexec dialog.

Monsta 5 years ago

System reports tool also still offers me to install the codecs, even though I did so from mintwelcome before.

Monsta 5 years ago

After multimedia codecs are installed, the entry for it is not disabled/removed from menus. It's still there in mintmenu (or Alt-F1 menu).

Monsta 5 years ago

BTW, about swapfile in in the root directory: ubiquity never asked me if I want it or not. It didn't warn me when I didn't choose any swap partition in the custom setup (as it used to in previous releases), but it also didn't allow me to disable swapfile.

Monsta 5 years ago

"Apply system-wide" in mintlocale shows yet another pkexec dialog with missing label.

Monsta 5 years ago

Launching "install/remove languages" tool from mintlocale shows another pkexec dialog with missing label.

In addition, even though it seems to keep the privileges (mate-polkit icon is shown in tray), it will ask for password next time anyway, when you close the install/remove dialog and launch it again. Weird.

Monsta 5 years ago

Launching codecs installation from mintwelcome shows a dialog that has no parent window set. It's easily covered by other windows and isn't shown in tasklist.

After codecs are installed, a restart of mintwelcome is required to remove the codecs installation button from it.

Monsta 5 years ago

Launching mintdrivers from mintwelcome has the same missing label issue as in mintsources. However, running "pkexec mintdrivers" from terminal shows the label... weird.

Monsta 5 years ago

Launching mintupdate from mintwelcome apparently kills the current instance of mintupdate first. Could it just open UI of the running instance? It's already running anyway.

Monsta 5 years ago

Actually, mintupdate even "forgets" that I told it to sort updates by name, if I just push Refresh button. It reverts back to sorting by update type.

Monsta 5 years ago

Update manager shows an update to gnome-session source package, which is also confusing (gnome session? in my mate system?) That's because useless gnome-session-bin package is installed. Nothing depends on it, so it can be safely dropped.

Monsta 5 years ago

Update manager: by default, updates are sorted by update type instead of source package name, which is confusing.

Monsta 5 years ago

Lock screen prompt takes about minute to show, and when I enter my password, it takes another minute to actually let me back to desktop. There are suspicious messages in journalctl:

mate-screensaver-dialog: pam_ecryptfs: seteuid error

gnome-keyring-daemon: couldn't initialize slot with master password: The password or PIN is incorrect

I don't use any FS encryption in this VM. The password was actually correct (I unlocked the system after all...)

Monsta 5 years ago

There's a missing label in "pkexec mintsources" auth window. Compare with e.g. Synaptic, which shows "Authentication is required to run Synaptic..." with bold font.

Monsta 5 years ago

Ok, fixes launching mintsources from infobar.

Monsta 5 years ago

There's only place for one warning in mintupdate... It won't suggest switching to local mirror if it's already set to show the warning about system snapshots. I had to turn the snapshots warning in the prefs first, then it offered to switch to local mirror.

Though as mentioned in previous comments, launching mintsources from the warning bar doesn't work. Looks like it launches mintsources w/o pkexec, which won't work.

Monsta 5 years ago

In live mode in Virtualbox, screen resolution is 1024x768 and can't be adjusted to fill the Virtualbox window. In addition, the virtual monitor is "Unknown" in mate-display-properties (should be "VBX"). This is weird because vboxvideo and vboxguest kernel modules are actually loaded. The problem doesn't happen after installation.

enyc 5 years ago

I have (sort of) suceeded with multi-boot installing with custom partitioning but coming across annoying bugs in the custom-partitioner.

I have existing many-way-booting linux, including a swap partition.

I attempted to install with a "/boot" ext4 and a whole-partition-encrypted "/" (gets its' own swapfile) on btrfs.

Trying to create an 'encrypted' containter in the presence of that swapfile creates the popup complaint that there is an open swap-partition mounted, telling you to 'swapoff' or other remedies.  HOWEVER, no matter how much you swapoff, whenever the 'scanning disks...' process happens it keeps remounting swap partitions.   I actually had to temporarially nobble the headers within my swap-partition to get the process to succeed [now have encrypted, btrfs+timeshift snapshotted system working fine!].

I think the custom-partitioning should NOT be mounting swap-partitions automatically, and in fact should be offering to un-mount all swap before doing any repartitioning in the first-place, worthy of a patch imho.

[Consider too: ubuntu is preferring not to provide a dedicated-swap-partition at all by default, these days...]

enyc 5 years ago

OK I've installed this ISO into my multiboot-testing-VM in VIrtualBox 5.2.10 atop another GNU/Linux.

"Other OS in Grub" -> In BIOS-style multi-booting, appears to be working fine just as well as 18.04 -- detects and boots 14.04/16.04/18.04 other systems, no reason to think this will work any better/worse than ubuntu.

HOWEVER, UEFI multibooting is a different system...

There is some ubuntu//upstream bug that grub-probe fails to see 'other linux' on subvolumes within btrfs, and the same issue applies here, but no worse than 18.04.

A persistent Issue I'm noticing is in 'mintupdate' [v5.3.5] -- it keeps displaying "Do you want to switch to a local mirror?", you try to click OK and it never comes up with the mirror-speed-test/reselection window!.

This may just be a VirtualBox-oddity, but I observed that a "Paused" and then "unpaused" VM loses time while 'paused' and doesn't seem to automatically catch-up [may require virtualbox-addons or so].  [it does fix itself after reboot].

I observe that 'ntp' is still in use, no 'chrony' as was suggested at some point.

I will move-on to test 'custom partitioning' maybe a btrfs install or something =).

cpatrick08 5 years ago

I've did all the tests I can do and it works great for me.