1 year ago
Architecture: amd64
Type: Xfce
Status: Approved for BETA release
enyc 1 year ago

I propose that the BETA release notes at least warn that Legacy mulitbooting and Legacy-BIOS-booting may not work on some systems (ask for feedback).
I also propose notes/blog suggest those so-inclined try installing zram-config and see if their system copes better with ram/swapping/performance in general (ask for feedback, again!).

clem 1 year ago

Bulky can be removed, we'll do that during BETA.

mtwebster 1 year ago

Do we need bulky installed? Thunar comes with its own renamer

xenopeek 1 year ago

#036: Localized installation: I could only partially test this as I only have US keyboards. I installed in Dutch and after installation the OS is in Dutch, as are many programs. Notably LibreOffice was not in Dutch but System Reports offers to install the missing language packs for that, after which LibreOffice is also in Dutch. I think that passes the test case criteria (aside from the keyboard layout test).