Real-time strategy game of ancient warfare
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0 A.D. (pronounced "zero ey-dee") is a free, open-source, cross-platform real-time strategy (RTS) game of ancient warfare. In short, it is a historically-based war/economy game that allows players to relive or rewrite the history of Western civilizations, focusing on the years between 500 B.C. and 500 A.D. The project is highly ambitious, involving state-of-the-art 3D graphics, detailed artwork, sound, and a flexible and powerful custom-built game engine.
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FreelancePoliceman 8 months ago

Could this game please get updated? The latest version runs much better and is necessary for playing multiplayer with other people.

richolate 1 year ago

es buenisimo, super entretenido y divertido, ademas es multijugador, dale una oportunidad no te vas arrepentir. (It's great, super entertaining and fun, it's also multiplayer, give it a try, you won't regret it.)

owner 1 year ago

Resource heavy, freezes often. the game is a awesome game and can be challenging to get a hold of it. Unless you have good hardware and lots of ram and CPU and GPU power then expected it to freeze your computer. I have lost my grub loader a couple of times after cold booting after it froze. It does warn of performance problems when too many players on on the board in the release notes. I think it is best to only go one on one as It is still in development. very often the game AI will be at advantage to player but wining is possible.

redhat 1 year ago

The AI cheats. It can grow its economy exponentially and make military decisions at the same time.

inders127 1 year ago

Amazing game!!! That too its free. Great work 0AD team! You guys are awesome. I am really a statagy game genere fan and when i played this game i immediately remembered Age of empires. Thugh this game is much better than AOE2.

bigbadbootydaddy 2 years ago

If you like Age of Empires back in the day you'll like this one. I usually dont play games on my machine but this one I made an exception.

RytronII 2 years ago

Magnificent RTS. Alas, the blissfull gameplaying hours pass too quickly!

biker95 3 years ago

Interesting, useful

coitus 3 years ago

Probably the best open-source game at the moment. Only problem I found was the weak AI (villagers getting stuck between buildings after they finish building).

cleverbastard 4 years ago

Ce jeu n'est pas fini depuis 40 ans PTDR c'est pour quand les campagnes solo? En 2050?

alberto 4 years ago

The game is ok and very promising, but the AI is too weak. I was a Rise of Nations player -- still am, in my XP Virtualbox -- and it was much, much more challenging. In 0AD, you have to follow some simple principles: build up a strong economy, don't spread too wide at the beginning, just conquer the areas that are vital for economy; after that, move on, attack and destroy the opponent. The programmers could at least give the AI a whopping amount of resources to start with. Formations can also be improved: these are a bit awkward to manage and sometimes move in a weird way. For example, you should be able to give the command: form just here -- and not: form first, then reach this point. This would be useful when you have to quickly reach and defend a position. I also tried to fight two AI opponents at the same time, but that is too difficult, unless you are lucky and don't make any mistakes...

fabriziores 4 years ago

Cuesta acostumbrarse al inicio por la cantidad de opciones de juego, pero cuando lo haces es que descubres todo lo que tiene para ofrecer. Es un simulador excelente con el que puedes pasar horas enteras y no tiene nada que envidiarle a otros del mismo estilo. Completamente lo recomiendo.

Yastre 5 years ago

Muy bueno, adictivo, lo recomiendo

gustavsson 5 years ago

I've put in a few hours into this game now, and hell yeah, this is a solid game. Although, the repo should be updated with the latest version of the game (as of writing 0.0.23b). Thanks!

Hatlabu_Farkas 5 years ago

annak ellenére, hogy a több kijelzös támogatás NAGYON gyér, mindenkinek kötelezővé tenném a kipróbálását :)

jeffmcneill 5 years ago

Excellent work in progress, how many weeks of my life already?...

quickblack 6 years ago

best strategy game...

efrain 6 years ago

Es un excelente juego de estrategia de guerra antigua en tiempo real. Con tarjeta de video no se ralentiza, si lo hace se guarda el juego y se vuelve a cargar.

wedjlok 6 years ago

I installehis game from the repos for the latest updates. This game will suck you in and is a joy to play for hours on end.

jaredd 6 years ago

Ich liebe es dieses Spiel mit meinen Freunden bei einem Bierchen in einer Mumble Session zu spielen. Eines der grafisch besten opensource Games überhaupt. Ich bin sehr gespannt wie es weiter geht.