Simple visual front end for XRandR
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ARandR is a visual front end for XRandR, which provides full control over the relative positioning and rotation of monitors, as well as saving and loading to/from shell scripts.
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FreeWebber 3 years ago

Need control brightness!! Like xrandr --output HDMI-0 --brightness 0.7 --gamma 0.6:0.6:0.6

robsku 6 years ago

Only one that worked for me - The DE's own (Gnome's and XFCE's) either didn't work or just messed stuff up. Only negative thing is, there's no pop-up asking whether you want to keep changes and that returns to previous setup after a timeout. grandr and lxrandr just messed things up and I don't remember which, biut one or the other was incomprehensible to use. It seems I can get it to work with my QBell FullHD TV only with nvidio proprietary drivers though - whether I try through VGA or HDMI, the nouveau acts like it's working: recognizes connected external VGA and/or HDMI, resolutions, even the desktop expands like there is a monitor on right of my laptop, but all I get on my TV is "no signal" - it must be a glitch in nouveau drivers somehow failing with RANDR extension.

aquaria 8 years ago

very useful program for frequent work with the second monitor or TV

xhlatky 9 years ago

Super easy

carlp101 10 years ago

Does what it says on the tin.

hexram 11 years ago

Nice to have display tweaker

pweijmer 11 years ago

very easy