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Ardour is a multichannel hard disk recorder (HDR) and digital audio workstation (DAW). It can be used to control, record, edit and run complex audio setups.

Ardour supports pro-audio interfaces through the ALSA project, which provides high quality, well designed device drivers and API's for audio I/O under Linux. Any interface supported by ALSA can be used with Ardour. This includes the all-digital 26 channel RME Hammerfall, the Midiman Delta 1010 and many others.

Ardour has support for 24 bit samples using floating point internally, non-linear editing with unlimited undo, a user-configurable mixer, MTC master/slave capabilities, MIDI hardware control surface compatibility.

It supports MIDI Machine Control, and so can be controlled from any MMC controller and many modern digital mixers.

Ardour contains a powerful multitrack audio editor/arranger that is completely non-destructive and capable of all standard non-linear editing operations (insert, replace, delete, move, trim, select, cut/copy/paste). The editor has unlimited undo/redo capabilities and can save independent "versions" of a track or an entire piece

Ardour's editor supports the community-developed LADSPA plugin standard. Arbitrary chains of plugins can be attached to any portion of a track. Every mixer strip can have any number of inputs and outputs, not just mono, stereo or 5.1. An N-way panner is included, with support for various panning models. Pre- and post-fader sends exist, each with their own gain and pan controls. Every mixer strip acts as its own bus, and thus the bus count in Ardour is unlimited. You can submix any number of strips into another strip.

Ardour's channel capacity is limited only by the number on your audio interface and the ability of your disk subsystem to stream the data back and forth.

JACK (the JACK Audio Connection Kit) is used for all audio I/O, permitting data to be exchanged in perfect samplesync with other applications and/or hardware audio interfaces.

Ardour is sample rate and size neutral - any hardware formats from 8 to 32 bits, and rates from 8kHz to 192kHz. Internal processing in 32/64 bit IEEE floating point format.

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neowalla 11 months ago

Doesn't work, won't uninstall. So awesome.

jepe 1 year ago

Before Linux I had to use Windows, and I was always wishing to have a multi-track sound recording/editing software (audacity is a little bit complicated for my taste, though I use it and love it), and ARDOUR was just the coming true of my wishes.

It is simply unbelievable that you can have such a sophisticated, yet easy to use (thanks to its “intuitive” GUI) application as FREE software!!
I love ARDOUR, it is a great gift!! HUGE thanks to the developers!

Calisto 4 years ago

After program closing, JACK blocks PulseAudio ._. -- but the software itself is great

vaiium 4 years ago

officialy the worst piece of recording software in the history of recording software. i should be able to just select a different input. but i cant. nowhere. absolutely terrible

sinihisi 5 years ago

no this...ardour3 is new.....

k_alan 5 years ago

Professionial-grade mix/mastering suite

koulaxizis 6 years ago

A truly professional tool for sound works on Linux.

fugtruck 6 years ago

Lost all audio on the comp when I installed this app. Won't let me uninstall either.

mydoghasworms 6 years ago

I am starting home recording and learning the basics of mixing and mastering. This is definitely the best tool available, in conjunction with all the other free tools out there!

sorteal 6 years ago

Almost like having Pro-Tools.

Ed_Hunter 6 years ago

Bad app.

pierre_24 6 years ago

Il a beau être complexe, ce logiciel est génialissime (dispite it complexity, this software is awesome !)

saegeek 6 years ago

d'une complexité incroyable, pas de son sur Kernel 3.5 (carte ALC660)

jhorn 6 years ago

Ardour, by far must be the best DAW for Linux. It's like using Pro Tools or Cubase if you had Windows... Only it's free!

crazyrobinhood 6 years ago

Impressive, professionals oriented app.

Apache_Ex 6 years ago


PirataBonifacio 7 years ago

Este programa es escencial para los que trabajamos con audio en Linux, muy recomendado. / This program is scential for those of us who work with audio in Linux, most recommended.

linuxsapien 7 years ago

This needs more reviews, its wonderful! :D

vonvalley 7 years ago

amazing piece of free software. version 3 coming soon. can't wait

EDDE_E 8 years ago

It's Sonar Pro for Linux! Is a great app for music production, if you worked with Sonar, ProTools, you transition to Ardour will be easy. Best DAW out there for free.