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"this is an amazing application"
"Since I know that this magically beautiful software is being made by a non-profit company, and theis website is also an "org", not com, it altogether looks as a wonderful project! Teaching and inspiring! I really respect them for doing this! "
"no point in designing, or even installing such a "simple" viewer... it only enables you to view, absolutely featureless..."
"annotation color: YELLOW, without being able to set a new color as default? NONSENSE, silent arrogance"
"“AWESOME” is not the whole truth: it is amazing! immense! incredible! brilliant!
MUSESCORE developers open a traditionally closed / separated world to all of us...
we can now think music, analyze and understand music, SEE MUSIC, and create music as we write... just like Mozart did, for example...
this new step really is a great leap, and what we get is NOT the traditional way, cause we enter the terrain of music from a new direction anyway, with instruments in our hands, listening to tons o great music and experimenting,
with MUSESCORE, however, we extend our MODERN access to music and limits don't exists here…
* * * THANKS to the developers * * *"
"buy a licence? "unregistered version"?? what does a program (application) like this have to do in a Linux repository??? Linux is NOT WINDOWS, right?"
"this really is a very good text editor, I totally love it * * * * *"
"really LOVE it,
as many others, I needed an irfanview alternative, but nomacs is much-much better than just that! fast, effective, and totally elegant...
only it puts me in worry that their website is down :(
I hope it will live on!!"
I have used several subtitle editors before, I also have 2 of them installed on this machine
but when I started to make a subtitle, neither of the two worked, or even appeared to start up properly

then I donloaded Gaupol
and within 60 seconds I was already making a subtletle from scratch...

I'm totally grateful!!
this is really a very good application...
most subtitle editors are far too complex... with a long learning curve, so to speak... Gaupol is cool and its learning curve is steep...
totally recommend it to anyone"
"It lacks only a very little to be a reliable, good browser. My problem is that on the bookmark bar I couldn't get the links appear as icons...
this made me leave it

however, this could be easily fixed...

speaking of which, the stop button is ugly red
and importing bopokmarks from Firefox, for example, should be amde possible...
othewise it looks good! feels good!"
"I loved it.. I think it is next to pefect... but when visiting, I couldn't sign in cause their system determined that this was an OLD version of google browser... not secure anymore...

I'm so sorry about this..."
"It is fabulous! I am an enthusiast, I've never made a PCB before, I love vero boards, only sometimes I think it is to "square", and I wish I could draw lines more freely, also more following the logic of the circuit..

the point being, I just gave a try to LibrePCB... (feels like I had tried it before, too, but obviously not with any success),
so, I just installed t using Linux Mint's software manager... and within seconds, there was a very promising application, and now I can tell, it WORKS! and is EACTLY what I wanted, something bright, beautiful, fast, and very easy to use...
I couldn't install it using linux mint software manager :(
// 09.25.2019, Linux mint 19
(I gave it 3 assuming that otherwise it'd be good, this problem does not reflect the application's quality)"
"wow!!! I've been checking photo applications for hours, not to mention doing this every now and then, again and again,
but PhotoQt was at the very-very first second a total hit!!!

I don't mean the amazing surface, I was expecting cool & modern, you know, Qt, BUT the intelligence with which it addresses the user, introducing right away the short cut keys...
is amazing...

within 2 minutes I was already using it as if for years...
love it, and GREATLY appreciate it, as it is! :)
this is not exactly what I was looking and hoping for, but something even better!

totally RECOMMEND it! :)"
"I tried it and it was so SLOW ! and blunt

it was scanning through a 1.5T hard disk, cause I marked it as "where keep my images" -- a mistake.
What I'd want is open an image and browse the directory. But this is impossible. Whatever you want to see, you'll first have to add to its library.
I like Canon's DPP. And Darktable (although it is slow for browsing, very slow). I hoped that Digikam would be a cool and fast thing. I simply cannot use it... sorry...

my workflow:
- open a directory of pix,
- go over them, watch each of them at a relatively large size,
- mark them if you like them (stars) or select them (numbers),
- and do image editing, brightness, contrast, gamma, hue -- all in a nondestructive manner...

this is what I'd like to do... but it is not possible.
today I revisited it, a year later, only to find that nothing's changed"
"just not flexible, also not versatile at all... "
"this is what it names sais: batch image converter and resiszer :)
of course, I'd like to have the basic irfanview functionalities, too...

like sharpening, or adding modifications such as gamma curves...
but if you want resizing, that and only that, and perhaps conversion to another format, then this really is it..."
"handy & fast -- this is what you need... what I need, if it had nondestructive editing, as Canon's DPP, it would be perfect...

what I miss is the arrows during when viewing an image, I would expect left and right arrows to bring the next / previous image...

CTRL+P for properties would be also cool...

but in any case, scrolling and viewing, and rotating is the basic functionality that we NEED so badly :)
and GThumb just has it!

this is apparently a very good project, very promising, lots of potentials for further development, but this fast and simple use is the greatest virtue of it, hope it will remein like this for ever :)
(darktable, a different functionality, for example, is extremely bad at browsing...)"
"it is absolutely awesome, besides, FREE and open source software is a totally different thing altogether, compared to commercial products

GEDA appears to be a HUGE project...
a complex application suite, so to speak...
performing pretty well at each task, be it schematic drawing or PCB design..., the latter of which I'm only to start, but the application already looks fancy...

I'm really happy that GEDA exists"
"at first it was really a pleasant surprise!!!
nice UI, modern, good looking... really
however, when you want to make a evry basic circuit, using a JFET transitor,
you get stuck...
A: the library doesn't have JFET transistors...
B: at the forum, the kind develoipers explain that you should make yourself the icons you need...
C: at the same time, you see all the fancy stuff, like arduino and the like, those parts are all well made...
D: the fet transistor that could be "just" used... is enormous...
it should occupy 3 pins in 3 rows of a veroboard... (stripboard)... but it does about 4 x 3 pins !!!
which is very-very stupid...
not to mention that the orientation of the transistor cannot be easily figured...
so, all in all, I cannot use it...
seriously, I don't understand why LInux Mint / Ubuntu / debian has Fritzing in their software repos... and not others...
like DIYLC ... DIY layout Creator
commercialism... that is, making a cool looking open source application with selling stuff in mind... with commercial linking in mind...
cool loking is not enough, also misleading...
I want to draw circuits and I cannot use it, cause what I want to make, simple JFET circuits, for example, is not what they focus on... (large circuits with expensive parts)"
"this is a very-very great tool...
unlike NORMAL subtitle editors, Aegisub allows you
to position your subtitles and to style them
(by using *.ass format not simple *.srt)

you can easily export your styled subtitles as bare srt subtitles..."
"this is a very-very useful app, and it's fast and accurate...
NOTE: of course, it works with LIbreOffice ODT documents, too"
"cool, intuitive, open source! however, it won't allow you to have just a plain UI, it forces you to have the sidebar even if you untick "show sidebar" -- so, in the end I switched to Audacious which is perfect in every sense"
"I have been trying subtitle editors, including some that only work on windows (ouch! :)), and including Gaupol (which would crash when trying to open an MKV file), and including Subtitle Editor, which works perfectly well...

but when opening Subtitle Composer, I just knew that this was it !! :)

I click on a subtitle line and it will go to it with the video (!!)... big deal? Only if you don't have it :)
It also offers very-very good subtitle syncing methods! (which is not just something extra but exactly what you need most of the times!!)
it can not only "shift" subtitles but also stretch or shrink them (!!!!), you only have to set where the last line is spoken, and this will solve your problems which you couldn't have solved with other subtitle editors that don't have the stretch functionality..
it is actually called "Adjust" (in the Times menu)

anyhow.. I just LOVE * * * * * Subtitle Composer! :) :)

and you absolutely DON'T need KDE in order to use it (!!),
I use Cinnamon and works perfectly (as you would expect anyhow)
(I just installed it like 'sudo apt install subtitlecomposer'

without Subtitle Composer the FREE software world couldn't be complete :) :)
thanks to the developers!! big time..."
"it crashes every time I try to open an MKV file... so, I'm not a fan yet... as I cannot use it for what I would like to"
"Dropbox is a must-have. There is a problem with it though:
it starts by itself on system startup very aggressively (it is very hard to prevent it from doing so, even on Linux).

But there are some workarounds, for example, I use Koofr – a very good cloud syncing application for handling your documents over several computers – and Koofr can integrate Dropbox, and I can download from Dropbox and upload to Dropbox without even installing the Dropbox app. Not to mention, that you can up/download stuff to/from Dropbox through your browser, too, when “sending” or “receiving” files from collaborator friends."
"this is such a perfect piece!!
I was so looking for a renamer with which I could batch rename files like "file_name-XX-rest.extenstion" .. to "filename-xx-YY-rest.extenstion"

I tried GPRename, and pyRenamer, even installed Thunar for its bulk renamer, and although some of these could actually do the job (did I have the patience), krename just did it… in no time, for which I was very grateful
BTW, it works on non-KDE desktops, too (works perfectly on Cinnamon, for example)"
"Before Linux I had to use Windows, and I was always wishing to have a multi-track sound recording/editing software (audacity is a little bit complicated for my taste, though I use it and love it), and ARDOUR was just the coming true of my wishes.

It is simply unbelievable that you can have such a sophisticated, yet easy to use (thanks to its “intuitive” GUI) application as FREE software!!
I love ARDOUR, it is a great gift!! HUGE thanks to the developers!"
"the perfect thing -- it is also flexible (!!),
for example, htaccess files take huge amount of resources, but can be disabled easily, without losing the amazing url-rewrite functionality :)
I'm so grateful for this amazing piece of FREE sotware"
"Sylpheed is a pleasant surprise. It is tiny, it is lightweight, that is, fast (!!), and doesn't slow down anything. It does not have HTML formatting, but it shows the attachment pictures in the mail that you receive, so, it is perfect.
Thanks to Sylpheed, I can open mail application even when I have two browsers with over 100 tabs, plus 5 Libreoffice documents, and sometimes a video editor already running.
I really love Sylpheed :) I used Thunderbird for over ten years, but switching to Sylpheed took only one minute – that's all it takes to install and configure it."
"I've been searching for a reliable, cool, sophisticated video editor application for years. KDENLIVE was the last one I tried cause I thought it was meant for KDE environment exclusively, which is not true, it works perfectly in other desktop envs, too.

I tried KDENLIVE on a real project in December 2017, and it worked perfectly, and I could finally abandon Sony Vegas Pro (which I loved!). It took a few hours of learning but it was fun anyway and worth it all the way.
I love KDENLIVE :)"
"I use KDENLIVE and love it, but I wanted to check other video editing applications too, so I could recommend more when I'm, asked. PiTivi installed easily, started easily, and I could edit a short ad-hoc video (incuding adding titles, fade ins, transitions) fairly easily...

The menu before rendering was not as simple as I would have wished, but rendering went fine, and it did NOT take any longer than KDENLIVE. So, apart from undocking preview monitor and then having to google how to snap it back, I have zerio problem with PiTivi. I would recommend it. And I appreciate, greatly, that developers work on a FREE video editing application for the common good. I respect them. I especially do because having a good video editing application was crucial for me when I finally left Windows and switched to Linux (Mint).
Without a good video editing software I would still be stuck to Microsoft, and I guess, many others too.

Oh, one more thing on PiTivi, however simple thing we want to do with a video editor, it is a fairly complex thing, and it takes some learning inevitably, that is, some patience in the first two hours as you get to know it."
"I unistalled it because of the sourceforge-malware incident -- I don't trust it anymore"
"great work, but FTP through TLS would be important for a basic app"
"no TLS -- c'mon"
"hard to edit a playlist, change song-order, etc"
"perfect tool!!"
"I just tried it, tested if for 10 mins (I need an app to replace Canon's DPP), Rawtherapee seems to be GREAT!!! Very cool and sophisticated, really love it*****"
"didn't really work... (syntax check: 0, html/php/css view: microscopic @100% zoom)"