Simple cross platform web browser
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Simple webkit based webbrowser using Qt toolkit. Originally based on the Qt demo browser to show the possibilities of Qt Webkit. Arora is a very basic browser that supports history and bookmarks.
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jepe 2 years ago

It lacks only a very little to be a reliable, good browser. My problem is that on the bookmark bar I couldn't get the links appear as icons...
this made me leave it

however, this could be easily fixed...

speaking of which, the stop button is ugly red
and importing bopokmarks from Firefox, for example, should be amde possible...
othewise it looks good! feels good!

superuser0ne 5 years ago

love the icon but its useless. facebook doesnt even recognize it as a browser. only mobile version of fb is working on it. its a slim nice browser but really needs a lot of rework

iosonoscrive 6 years ago


MehmetNuri 7 years ago

Çok eski ve kullanışsız

kotopes 7 years ago

очень сильно нагружает процессор уже при 2 вкладках. сам виснет.

Gnnomon 7 years ago

Muy Rapido!!! impresionante como carga las paginas, simple y cumple su tarea! la Verdad me sorprendio Mucho!

Bob_VM 8 years ago

Facebook didn't crash until browser was bloated/full; really slow loading; rendering was somewhat OK, No Private. Needs a lot of work.

kc6ufm 8 years ago

Not bad. Not good, but not bad.

flaviu 8 years ago

Nice tool

heidfeld67 8 years ago

5 csillag

iria 8 years ago

à ce jour mon préféré, devant Midori, epiphany et autre. Pourquoi ? : directement en français, rapide, facilement parametrable sans etre une usine à gaze, mais parametrable tout de même.

stephenmac7 8 years ago

No longer in development. Fast.

mueRtz 9 years ago

I like this browser a lot. It is super fast starting up, but I do believe it needs a bit more improvement. It randomly crashes (random being a little loose here... it's more like Arora doesn't like too much running on the OS at the same time, doesn't like other browswers up, and if a webpage or two has a lot of flash/javascript running on it, that is when I really likes to crash... which, lately, has been kinda more than two times a day) Either way, I really love this browswer because I like the idea of it. If some improvements were made, I'd be more than happy to give this browser another chance! (I haz a soft spot for it <3 )

sujitnag 9 years ago

need more improfment

roaringandshouting 9 years ago

Slow laggy POS

Jessey-Lawson 9 years ago

Good but I just don't like its logo

ZeroCold1981 9 years ago

Хороший браузер, спокойно воспроизводит флеш ролики и игры. Минус в том что падает (закрывается) при активном использовании.

francheu 9 years ago

bon navigateur léger, comparable à midori

fossilite 9 years ago

Unexpected crahs with a few tabs open, unable to restore last session

fmolper 10 years ago

Adios firefox hola Arora!!! rápido y ligero