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graphical audio CD ripper and encoder
50 reviews

Asunder is a graphical Audio CD ripper and encoder. It can be used to save tracks from Audio CDs. Main features:

* Supports WAV, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, and Wavpack audio files
* Uses CDDB to name and tag each track
* Can encode to multiple formats in one session
* Creates M3U playlists
* Allows for each track to be by a different artist
* Does not require a specific desktop environment (just GTK+)

User reviews:

3 months ago
4 It seems to do the job. But why do you limit MP3 encryption to 245kbs, the standard for quality seems to be 320

1 year ago
5 Really nice! Easy to use and it's super clean.

2 years ago
5 Excellent pour numériser ses cds

2 years ago
5 Also supports automatically encoding into Ogg Opus!

2 years ago
5 Excellent CD ripper. Easy to use. It gives good quality audio.

2 years ago
5 Super CD-Ripper, habe damit meine komplette CD Sammlung ohne Probleme konvertiert!

2 years ago
5 Great and simple 'no-nonsense'-CD ripper. Makes et perfectly simple to convert my CD collection to flac files the way I want them. Highly recommendable!

2 years ago
4 Would be even better if FLAC was bundled with it since it's a common lossless format.

3 years ago
4 Very nice GUI except for lack of ability to change MP3 encoding options.

3 years ago
5 A great CD ripper. My drive isn't the best, but Asunder takes time to read the disk properly and produce a good result.

3 years ago
5 The only CD Ripper I Use. Took a few min. to find and install lame, after that it's all good.

3 years ago
4 It has more options for encoding than Sound Juicer, but it can not use MusicBrainz as a CD DataBase

3 years ago
5 "Visit BEGINNERS LEVEL: Install Asunder on a computer running Linux Mint 17.2 if you are new to Linux Mint and would like to see the various options for installing Asunder."

3 years ago
5 Very useful.

3 years ago
4 I like it. If you want to ripp music in flac, don't forget to install flac.

4 years ago
5 It is the best audio CD ripper/encoder. Highly configurable. I use it a lot!

4 years ago
4 Works well. Supports MP3 as long as you install Lame. Gets media info. Has a good range of confuration options.

4 years ago
4 Love it! Nice and simple, but I had to find and install lame and twolame from Synaptic to allow the software to rip CD tracks in mp3 format. Much better than Brasero for the job.

4 years ago
5 Es mi extractor de audio por default. Lo recomiendo. Como uso Android en mi telefono, grabo sin problemas en ogg y me olvido del mp3. Excelente calidad de extraccion en ogg! Lo recomiendo!

4 years ago
5 very great software. much better than sound-juicer. thats why full stars

4 years ago
4 retrieves most metadata & rips seamlessly

4 years ago
5 it just gets on with it - brilliant!

5 years ago
5 I tried both Sound Juicer and Asunder, and I prefer the latter. I'm so disappointed that all Linix music manager apps don't rip CDs efficiently (or at all). Asunder rips music into logicial folders, and supports MP3 encoding with Lame installed (a separate package). The folders can be easily copied into the Music folder of any Android device, giving you control over which music to move to your mobile music player. The bit rate is 192 by default, and can be increased. If you manage music manually on an Andorid device, or if you still burn mix CDs, this is one of the tools you will rely on. Highly recommened. If you like it, put some money in their tip jar. Canadian made.

5 years ago
5 Flac package is a dependency, but requires separate install. Otherwise, a more powerful improvement over Grip. More options than Banshee for ripping.

5 years ago
5 отличный риппер

5 years ago
5 Esay to use, great program and works fine.

5 years ago
4 Encoding works fine but setting the file title can be improved

5 years ago
5 Simple yet powerful. Great!

6 years ago
5 So easy to use and wonderful at finding obscure cd information. Like others suggest it's better than Sound Juicer just for the track information

6 years ago
5 simple and effective. Just great

6 years ago
5 Better sound quality than Sound Juicer and also easy to use GUI.

6 years ago
5 the only one that found track's names for a very old and rare cd I have.

6 years ago
4 Works good for me, seems to function better than Juicer for me, I always rip to flac and have been happy with the sound quality.

6 years ago
4 Sencillo pero hace todo lo que necesito de un extractor de audio.

6 years ago
4 Very good CD ripper, I'm using it or RipperX

6 years ago
5 I used to use grip, then grip is no more so I tried sound juicer. That was alright but couldn't do everything. Switched to asunder. It's a workhorse. Did discs juicer couldn't and also recognized cd's and tracks juicer could not do. Yes sometimes it is slow but it gets the job done.

6 years ago
4 petit problème pour extraire les 2 dernières pistes, mais sinon très bon logiciel

6 years ago
5 Stable, fast, no bloat. Has all the right options for me. A true workhorse for ripping cd's.

7 years ago
3 Worked fine up until the last 2 songs of a particular disk and then took hours to rip those 2 songs.

7 years ago
4 werk prima onder linux mint 12

7 years ago
5 It's very good, I always use it :)

7 years ago
4 Very ease to use, with good quality results.

7 years ago
5 It rocks 2! People claim it's better then sound-juicer ... can't see the difference yet. But it works after just an installation on the fly. great! love it!

7 years ago
4 Very easy to use!

7 years ago
5 Uses - finds songs MusicBrainz does not include. Excellent on its own or complimentary to Sound Juicer. More options too.

7 years ago
3 Better substitue for CDex, but don't have a option for stereo format in MP3. All MP3 are extract in joint stereo.

7 years ago
4 More powerful than Sound-Juicer. For those who want more control than simplicity.

8 years ago
3 Good recording features, but useless if it can't find the tracklist, because it's not possible to edit the track titles: needs much improvement.

8 years ago
5 Powerfull ,better den Sound juicer.

8 years ago
5 Easy to use, yet powerful