Fast, cross-platform audio editor
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Audacity is a multi-track audio editor for Linux/Unix, MacOS and Windows. It is designed for easy recording, playing and editing of digital audio. Audacity features digital effects and spectrum analysis tools. Editing is very fast and provides unlimited undo/redo.

Supported file formats include Ogg Vorbis, MP2, MP3, WAV, AIFF, and AU.
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Jack-Herer 2 weeks ago

i use it for my podcast. Easy and simple. What else ?

rikerlinux 1 month ago

Simplesmente o melhor pra editar audios

KonstantinBratsk 1 month ago

Лучшее приложение для работы с аудио, пользовался им изначально на windows, теперь на LMDE)).

Starkiller_007 1 month ago

Awesome application! Its covers almost all the features required for editing audio files.

MadPotatoe 3 months ago

useful and nice

pacificrw 3 months ago

Indispensable. Pleinement opérationnel sous LinuxMint 20.1

DARKTERROR 3 months ago

Please update version from 2.3.3 to the last

johnnykeys 3 months ago

UI needs work, the inputs cannot be read because of justification issues, and the audio inputs need much, much better catergorization. Since it's free its... ok... I guess.

stepnjump 5 months ago

Not working on LM 20.0 Cinnamon for me... WOn't record and won't play...! :( I tried both (repo and flathub versions).

alexem82 5 months ago

It's OK but it's the version 2.3.3 and Audacity is suggesting to install 2.4.2. I don't know how to build code and install from source! :(

germe-fur 6 months ago

instalado desde gestor de software da un error de dibujado, solo actualiza los frames cuando se cambia el tamaño de la ventana

1negroup 6 months ago

10-23-20 So This Would Have 4 Stars If I Was able To add 2 mics but only One Shows Up, I have Spent Six Hours Trying to Figure This Out I was Even Trying to Go Through the Pulse Audio Plugin Mixer and It It self Will Only Let Me Use One at a Time. As For Audacity it Works Great For Editing Music & Recording One voice at Once. (Yes i am Salty) My Rating Will Go To Four If I can Figure This Out.

Chima 8 months ago

Great open-source audio editing software. For some reason though, VST tools (specifically GSnap et al.) do not seem to work as they should on my x86_64 machine. They seem to crash the program EVERY SINGLE TIME I run them. Otherwise, the program runs like a river! :)

famaral 11 months ago

Love it since way back from Windows. I use it just for simple editing like trimming.

Bloompa 11 months ago

Awesome. No further explanation needed.

schorschii 1 year ago

Great for simple audio recording and editing.

rodesignx 1 year ago

Thanks to the team of developers. Really a good audio editor that I use for years.

gecko11 1 year ago

Its realyy great. I used it on widows for years and I am glad to find it here

tzamoy 1 year ago


Hoerli 1 year ago

Test, Test, 123, 123, passt. Ein sehr einfaches Tool um Audioquellen aufzunehmen. Funktioniert super und ist einfach zu bedienen, nur beim Schneiden könnte etwas mehr Umfang bei der Bedienung dazu kommen.