multi-purpose note-taking application
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This application provides as many baskets (drawers) as you wish; Several kinds of objects (texts, URLs, images,...) can be drag-n-drop'd into it.

Objects can be edited, copied, dragged... So, they can be arranged according to users' taste. Moreover, Basket allows you to keep all objects you want in one place, keep data on hand, take notes...
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bOsO 1 year ago

Love this program Kills any other note taking Keep the good work

Brushman 1 year ago

It's straight forward for the simple note-taking with links that I want. I like it.

brassman5 8 years ago

Great program. Online sync would be nice though.

Serj2015 9 years ago

Real replacement for MSO OneNote. Good job.

mint4chris 9 years ago

MicroSoft OneNote replacement

nkdanfer 9 years ago

when installed it shows 1.8,why the version in detail shows 2.0 beta2?

Korpu 9 years ago

Most advanced information organizing and note taking application,if you have time and need for such level of complexity. Who are in need to simplify and reduce visual clutter, NoteCase and TreePad Lite are simpler and better.

ivan7 10 years ago

Amazing note taking app! Very useful for productivity.

MikeW 13 years ago

Not for every application but when it's useful it's great

4jim 13 years ago

Great note taking app

Alexio 13 years ago

Easily take all sort of notes, collect research results and share them, centralize your project, organize your thoughts, keep track of your information in a smart way and more.