Genotype calling, genotype phasing and imputation of ungenotyped markers
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Beagle performs genotype calling, genotype phasing, imputation of ungenotyped markers, and identity-by-descent segment detection. Genotypic imputation works on phased haplotypes using a Li and Stephens haplotype frequency model. Beagle also implements the Refined IBD algorithm for detecting homozygosity-by-descent (HBD) and identity-by-descent (IBD) segments.
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Squirrel 12 years ago

This has saved me much time at work, like when I needed to find that pesky presentation from several years ago, or needed bring up a data-sheet quickly.

Teucca 12 years ago

Tiedostojen hakukone, hakee jopa sanoja asiakirjoista.

Alexio 13 years ago

Very good indexer for Linux, not only it looks for files by name but for content, even PDF content.