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bible study tool for Qt
37 reviews

BibleTime is a free and easy to use bible study tool. It uses the Qt and SWORD software libraries. BibleTime provides easy handling of digitized texts (Bibles, commentaries and lexicons) and powerful features to work with these texts (search in texts, write own notes, save, print etc.) in the SWORD module format.

User reviews:

5 months ago
5 It is educational, even if you are not a Christian, simply if you are someone who wants to know more about Christianity you might check it out, so the argument that this should be removed from the Educational section shows how bias has gone so far. Please, when you write a review, write it bias-free, some people spent a lot of time writing this software, maybe not for you, but for those who are interested perhaps, so get over it, live and let live!

6 months ago
1 Is neither Science or Education, people become stupid the more they believe this book, so please remove it from this section, entertainment or fiction would be a better loation.

9 months ago
4 I hate how offended people are over this being put into education. Where else would this be put? It isn't office software, nor is it programming, or anything else. It is study software. There is no need to feel offended. Lets keep the reviews civil, and actually review the software at hand. As far as the software itself, I have to say it isn't bad at all. I was a little put off by how it REALLY wanted me to download the extra-biblical books such as "heretics" by Gilbert Cheterson. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but at the same time, it downloaded like 12 books and never even reached 1 percent which is a little concerning. That is quite a bit of memory to be taken up. It also froze when I cancelled it, but when I puled the software up again, it ran just fine.It does feature Bible comparisons, which is a necessary part of any Bible study software. I like how it included the Wycliff edition of the Bible (In its original middle english) and it is a ton of fun to see how much language changed even during the short period between it and the KJV. I also enjoy the free maps and references. All in all, besides a couple of performance issues, I say that this is the perfect Bible study software for fans of open source. It is well worth a download IMO. I only wish that more Church software would become open source as well. Maybe one day in the future, it will.

1 year ago
4 Pretty useful tool. I had a bit of difficulty keeping the Old Testiment from deleting itself when using the search function. For some reason the New Testament stayed, but the Old would disappear. Thinking that it must have been something on my machine, as no one else has reported this issue. Well designed and layed out. Simple to use and it is very easy on the eyes. If this one doesn't work for you, please try Timothy Morton's Bible Analyzer 5 software. Also free, and a very powerful tool. (And please, let's keep the software reviews on the actual software. If you are a Bible skeptic, you probably don't need to be handling this kind of software. I'm sorry you can't at least appreciate the history captured in Scripture that would have gone otherwise undocumented or lost. (Thinking of the Moabites origins/existance, for example) if it wasn't for the Bible.) BibleTime is a great modular-based study tool. I'd recommend it.

1 year ago
1 Spoiler -- He dies at the end.

1 year ago
1 But this is neither science nor education... is there not a fiction section?

2 years ago
1 Lol! mike_oxhard thinks abiogenesis and evolution are the same thing.

2 years ago
4 LOL! ismaels actually thinks that evolution of life from lifeless chemicals isn't belief without proof, a.k.a. religion.

2 years ago
5 Isaac Newton like this.

3 years ago
5 You study what you like - I like studying the Bible and this is a great tool to do it with

3 years ago
1 Religious brainwashing doesn't beloing in "Science and Education".

3 years ago
1 keep this in the church please , this not science or education

3 years ago
4 Not as good as e-sword, but a good linux native Bible Study program

4 years ago
4 A bit clumsy, but it does retain the Catholic Books, which for some reason Xiphos has banned

4 years ago
5 Works perfect on mint 17.1. split view and search functions are great.

4 years ago
5 Much better than Xiphos, which seemed glitchy on Mint 17, didn't display the names of the seven additional books with Catholic bibles installed, among other 'issues'. Bibletime is much more user friendly, and pleasing to the eye, as well.

4 years ago
1 has no place under "science" OR "education"

4 years ago
1 At least the software space I would like to be outside religion and fanatics

5 years ago
5 This is a really nice Bible program with a lot resources as far as versions and commentaries etc... for download. It has an easy to use intuative interface with a really nice full screen mode for easy ready. I am using it on Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon with no problems at all. Thanks!

5 years ago
5 The best Bible Software I have found

5 years ago
5 very cool

5 years ago
2 Unable to read on Mint 15

5 years ago
5 cool

5 years ago
1 A religion app in "science & education"? LOL

5 years ago
5 Unable to read text in modules after updating to Mint 15. Had this same problem using Ubuntu 13.04. Otherwise, a nice program!

5 years ago
5 xcellent. Thank you. Just what I was looking for.

6 years ago
5 Muy bbuena herramienta. Por favor se necesita más maetrial en español

6 years ago
5 Nice Bible program for Qt/KDE. Simple interface with powerful features that make me look like I know Greek and Hebrew. It's a shame that the overall rating is lower than any actual review.

6 years ago
5 Very nice to see a good native Linux app in this space.

7 years ago
1 lol religion

7 years ago
4 You can run it in Gnome, but you will want to make sure that libqt4-svg is installed, or you will find some of the icons missing.

7 years ago
4 I like the Xiphos experience slightly better - but that's just a matter of taste...

7 years ago
5 BibleTime is a simple Bible software

8 years ago
4 This is a good Bible study application for Linux.

8 years ago
5 Perfect!

8 years ago
1 Маразм крепчал :(

8 years ago
5 MUCH better than the Sword program available for Windows. The New Chinese Version bible, available here, is the most readable I've come across