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Favorite software:
"Pretty cool, actually. I'd probably find myself using this a lot more if I get the hang of how to resize window borders better. (I'm just so engrained in the traditional 'drag the window border' method that it takes me a few minutes of trying before I remember) Quick, fast, and very fun. On my install, some of the top 'quick shortcuts' did not seem to be working, like the 'edit menu' command. (So you'll have to break out your favorite notepad and edit ~/.windowlab/windowlab.menurc) I very much enjoy keeping this one as an option when I want a distraction-free interface for writing or working on projects. It's quirky design ensures that my computer will be left alone by others. :-P"
"Some limitations, but overall I very much like the feel of the xed! Quick and fast, and integrates very nicely with the rest of Mint."
"Replaced by DevedeNG, this software package is amazingly simple and fast. Lots of options and great for putting together DVDs from a huge variety of file formats! Have had no trouble playing these DVD's on everything from the DVD player in our minivan to the home entertainment system. Well done! This application fills a much needed area in Linux!"
"Very useful tool! Converts videos and clips I find into smaller, more generic file formats to easily display in presentations. Works well and solid. Thank you so much for software like this! Absolutely amazing! Scores 5 with me all day long!"
"Coming from a CorelDraw/Illustrator background, this application INSTANTLY made me feel at home! Powerful and easy to use. I agree with the 'bit buggy' comments, in places, and there are times when it seems a bit slow when processing large amounts of nodes, but overall I love it and it remains my choice for vector on Linux. You might also check out Karbon or Xara for vector drawing/handling applications. I just prefer Inkscape because of my background."
"It's Thunderbird!!! And I hope it always stays here! Has been a great email program. If you couple it with MailDev, it can even sucessfully replace MS Outlook. If you absolutely need something that looks a little bit more like traditional Outlook, you might try Evolution, but Thunderbird is my go-to email client! Thanks, Mozilla, for another incredible software package!!! If I had one gripe, it would only be an updated look to match Firefox 58! :-P (But it seems like waiting for HalfLife 3... :-P :-P)"
"CLI access to the KJV Bible. Absolutely fantastic! It very much reminds me of 'Godspeed' by Kindom Age Software for MS-DOS back in 1987. Simple, quick reference and concordance access. I use this every single week, as it works great for locating and inserting quick verses into documents. For a more fully featured desktop application, I highly recommend Bible Analyzer by Timothy Morton. A very professional-grade application (ofcourse it's free!) with modules that can be downloaded and added. Thank you for the 'bible' CLI application. It works well and efficiently. Now we just need someone to write a LibreOffice extension that will use the bible app to automatically insert verses when you type in the reference in a doc! "
"Absolutely love this tool! I use it constantly for everything from ensuring that my Impress presentations are easy on the eyes to color coordinating my daughter's outfits for when I take her shopping! Highly recommended and highly useful tool. Thank you so much for thinking to put this together!"
"I've prepared 52 presentations per year since 2005. Keynote was great... but when I broke free of the iChains to jump elsewhere, I found that Apple's propriotary file formats didn't port well. (Apple only supports Apple... if you keep buying their new hardware) MS's PowerPoint was pretty handy. Impress lacks the animations/transitions Apple users depend on, and lacks the raw power of PowerPoint (IMHO), but it does do something that these other packages hadn't been able to deliver... By shifting the focus to the content, rather than the presentation, it forced me to actually have something worth saying. Slides went from hogging the lesson to illustrating the lesson. It also forced me to become creative in building my own artwork, instead of relying on a preset of 'California Designer Approved' art. Each update seems to open up new features. Simple and straight forward, remains a wonderful replacement for other major presentation software packages. If I HAD to find a gripe, it would be with the presenter notes feature that could use a little polish. Overall, I've found that my Impress docs are a smaller file size than my PowerPoint docs ever were. Scoring 5 all day long with this one! Thank you, LibreOffice crew! The short description above doesn't do this amazing package justice!"
"Came from a very strong PS background. Spent many years using CS2 & CS5 on a professional grade level. It definitely took a little getting used to, but I haven't had to go back yet. The only difference I've really found limiting is the text-handling in GIMP. PS allows a wide variety of text manipulation while maintaining the ability to edit it, whereas GIMP rasterizes text to manipulate it. On the whole, it's been a wonderful challenge that helped grow me from 'photoshopper' to 'image manipulator'. Advanced Text Handling and Instant Layer Effects/Cloning layer effects (drop-shadow, etc) are all you're missing out on. I'll just retype what I want to manipulate and add my own drop shadows anyday. PS was a great way to start learning how to edit/manipulate photos, but since switching to GIMP a few years ago, it has forced me to grow as a person, and when you invest in yourself, that's always going to pay off, right? :-) Amazing tool that just keeps getting more and more incredible!"