Tetris like game (3D-tetris)
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BlockOut II is a free adaptation of the original BlockOut DOS game edited by California Dreams in 1989. BlockOut II has the same features than the original game with few graphic improvements. The score calculation is also nearly similar to the original game. BlockOut II has been designed by an addicted player for addicted players. BlockOut II is an open source project available for both Windows and Linux.
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Eugo 7 months ago

Perfect recreation of the original game, same layout, same moves, everything fits. Few minor differences - can't skip the intro music, scoring not quite the same (thus old top lists are incompatible), but doesn't take away the joy.

kuglagier 2 years ago

I looove it! I used to play it in the 90's and it hasn't aged a bit! Amazing how my fingers just started turning the blocks XD Highly recommended!

cocoontop 3 years ago

It is soooo awesome!!! ***** If you like puzzle games like tetris, dr. mario etc. you will be very satisfied! I played this game it in my childhood on an old MS DOS computer, and this version here is exactly the same, BUT with improved graphics. Thank you so much for bringing one of my favourite childhood games on linux!!! <3 <3 <3

psylo_hugo 4 years ago

It's very nice prá xuxú!

LinuxFan5 7 years ago

Echtes 3D wäre besser, mit Maus - Kamera Steuerung!

BuGless 10 years ago

Just like in the good old days!

Wint 10 years ago

Was happy to find this game, plays like the old DOS game. Very fun!

Felix_M 10 years ago

Super !

jimrock979 11 years ago

bien por el juego

RytronII 12 years ago

This is seriously addictive.

kneekoo 13 years ago

Wow! Very good replica of the old DOS game. It feels a bit strange compared to most of the games today but it's still a good distraction and mental challenging.