2021-03-23 03:57:49

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"This is not your usual mp3 player - it keeps the library and it's up to you to remember what you want to listen to, so you move titles from it to the playlist. It forgets the playlist when you restart it. If you're a DJ or any other setup where you pick the songs to play, it's great. If you want something to play music for you automagically, as if by a computer, this is not the app you were looking for."
"True, it opens instantly, even with my huge playlist. It does resume play from where it left off, and I can sort the playlist as I like (though not by filename or path, too bad), but then why does it return to the order-of-adding not just when reloading, but when just switching to another playlist and coming back? Nuisance. The time position slider is invisible unless you know where to click, and it's slick enough to move the play position... but click anywhere else and it closes. Also, no configurable keys (global, that is), so I can't start/stop music if I'm doing something else. That's all forgivable, but just now I was looking for a few things to pack to a thumb drive, and applied this filter, that filter... and eventually my 20000 titles long playlist is now reduced to the result of one of the filters. It takes a considerable time to build a playlist, and now that time is lost, just so. Everything else I may grumble and forgive, but not this."
"Feature rich but mostly abandonware. Used it for a few years after ditching Dead Beef, Audacious and a few others which want to be cataloguers. Blazingly fast when reading my long playlist, and also customizable - the ability to have global hotkeys is what I needed (just two: start/stop and next). Two features are missing: no drag/drop nor clipboard to other apps, so when I want to put select files to a thumbdrive, I have to export a playlist, open in something else, and drag/drop from there. Also, the tagger is awkward - can't do much to multiple files, have to click save on each, then for the next file it forgets everything and goes to its first page - and IDV2 tag is on page 3, very tiresome and time consuming. Can't configure it to use external tagger. There are three external commands that are sort of configurable, but actually not - one is file delete, one is replay gain scanner (that finally works, perfect!) and the third doesn't work. Its windows are behaving erratically sometimes, trying to snap to. Main window isn't resizable. The two graphical interfaces are mostly confusing, obviously a legacy feature which IMO hurts nowadays. On my Cinnamon Mint 20 it sometimes causes to take 104% of its assigned processor core, mostly when I scroll a lot while switching between playlists. Sometimes I manage to kill it, sometimes have to reboot."
"Not able to cope with my 20000 titles long library, takes forever. Tries to be a catalogue and to teach me how to organize my music - thanks but no, thanks. I was looking for a player, not this."