CD/DVD burning application for GNOME
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Brasero is a simple application to burn, copy and erase CD and DVD media: audio, video or data. It features among other things:
* On-the-fly burning
* Multisession support
* On-the-fly conversion of music playlists in all formats supported by
This package contains the standalone app.

The following packages, if installed, will provide Brasero with added functionality:
* cdrdao to burn combined data/audio CDs and for byte-to-byte copy
* GStreamer backends to support more audio formats
* vcdimager to create VCDs or SVCDs
* libdvdcss2 to copy encrypted DVDs
* tracker to search for video, audio, image and document files
Latest reviews
JohnLaserfist 2 months ago

This program is absolutely f-in terrible on linux mint 20 Mate. Garbage. Stick with XFburn, it is actually works.

Firnefex 5 months ago

As simple as Xfburn, only more possibilities and nice looking.

makiwaro 6 months ago

działa dobrze czyli nagrywa bez błędów

oscar225 6 months ago

Funciona bien en Linux Mint 19.3

skyleuba 10 months ago

Seems to work fine, but can't rearrange files when they are queued. Had to deselect some options in the burn process because otherwise it would auto eject my CD. Works fine. Listening to the CD I just made :)

Machpitt 1 year ago

Ele é muito bom e fácil de se usar. Assim que instalei tive problemas para gravar um CD devido a um erro. Se você também passar por esse problema e no log de erros do Brasero estiver assim: "BraseroWodim stopping Session error : unknown (brasero_burn_record brasero-burn.c:2859)" abra seu terminal e execute o seguinte comando: "$ sudo chmod +s $(which wodim)" e certamente irá funcionar. Abraços a todos!

luisgonzalez 1 year ago

at Linux Mint 18.3 - en 'Editor de carátulas' ('Cover editor') no se ve el texto que se escribe (writen text remains hidden) . Puede visualizarse al 'Imprimir' en Vista previa (Text appears ok at 'Print' - previous view )

elpidius 1 year ago

After having issues with burning an ISO to a DVD in k3b, I tried Brasero. It worked like a charm! Brasero is also more up-to-date than k3b. By the way I'm currently using Mint 19.1 "Tessa" MATE (64-bit). Using Brasero actually reminds me of Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE (a free CD/DVD Burning Software for Windows).

preyes 1 year ago

Buen programa, pero recordar que para copiar CD o DVDs, se debe instalar el paquete brasero-cdrkit. La orden es: sudo apt-get install brasero-cdrkit

Maurice045 1 year ago

Super & Vital for DVD burning. Should be included on Mint19

bucky927 2 years ago

Simple, intuitive, effective. My favorite burning software.

danihome 2 years ago

Винаги инсталирам след преинсталация!-много добро!

plimboster 2 years ago

Много добра.

kybagul 2 years ago

Best disk burning application

BazyTrue 2 years ago

Easy to use. Work fine. I dont complaint.

openletter 3 years ago

Must take over 20 hours to burn a DVD on default settings. Seriously.

MustangDSG 3 years ago

Does not working settings of the recording speed. Speed always maximum.

imperator 3 years ago


Shidifen 3 years ago

Simple to use. Does everything I need to do with DVDs and CDs.

GMG2718 3 years ago

Has everything needed. Burned .iso images. seems reliable.