Simple GTK+ frontend for mpv
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Celluloid (formerly GNOME MPV) interacts with mpv via the client API exported by libmpv, allowing access to mpv's powerful playback capabilities.
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aaronrv 1 month ago

A very good video player. It works. VLC is good but there are problems. Thanks for this wonderful video player!

tejasg 2 months ago

easy to use, light and fast

edgar3500 7 months ago

I am very disappointed with this one. I come from Linux Mint 17.3 Mate that has Video (Totem), it was very useful to show information about what is playing (properties), playlist among others. Simplicity is not equal to utility.

pcfan5 7 months ago

I didn't like it , I removed but gave it another try,. Removed again. Lacks of volume sound , it plays the sound too low. No way to start a song with double click, among other issues. I still find better xplayer.

VA1DER 7 months ago

Very basic functionality like DLNA access is entirely missing. No swipe control for volume, or positioning. No way to seek to a time position. No context menu - right click is wasted on pausing. In no way is this ready to be Mint's default player.

madmax95 7 months ago

Well, it's not fully-featured like vlc, but it's very light and fast, so it's ideal for older computers.

Akka 9 months ago

Works better than VLC on my i3 laptop mediacentere rig.. Am very impressed.

anilkumarav 10 months ago

This player don't have basic controls like move to next song with a click. Only rewind and forward option. Also not sure if there is place to put play list. This is useful if we have one song. However how we will play 100 songs in playlist ? I prefer QMMP player. Winamp like player. It is much better.

Tinken 10 months ago

Music playback is audiophile quality. Offloads processing from cpu to hardware well. Very low noise and no errors, hiccups or bugs. One of the best playback programs for Linux.

graham_mint 10 months ago

Causes a lot of segfaults in Linux Mint 19.3

FinixFighter 10 months ago

It is very fast and works great!!

clem 1 year ago

Based on MPV, fast playback, handles acceleration.