Fast, lightweight and user-friendly GTK+2 based email client
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Claws Mail is a powerful and full-featured mail client formerly called Sylpheed-Claws. It is also extensible using loadable plugins, which can provide support for additional features, like other storage formats, feed reader, calendar management, mail filtering, etc.
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inksi 1 year ago

Solid and well featured. Best of all gui linux email clients

jolouis32 2 years ago

Merveilleux !!

Pierre1959 3 years ago

De loin mon client de messagrie favori grâce à sa souplesse, sa facilité d'utilisation et sa vitesse d'exécution.

esbeeb 3 years ago

It's still a bit too geeky, needs more user-friendliness. Enabling plugins should be as easy as checking checkboxes. Migrating to GTK3 or QT5 would also be good (to prepare for Wayland). For now I'll stick with Thunderbird/IceDove.

harrygrey 4 years ago

Hat probleme mit SSL im SMTP (Versenden), deklariert als Spam. Keine Language Pakete. Nicht empfehlenswert

andreanotaro 4 years ago

Configured a GMX account and a GMAIL account without any problems. Features are fine. Overall a pretty nice lightweight feeling.

wyruzk 4 years ago

couldn't send via gmail after much attempt to configure; no html support for sending email

Axel_Wintermann 4 years ago

Beautiful and Simple!

daominah 4 years ago

so hard to configure to start

pwoody82 4 years ago

Worked, no longer does. Up until about 2 weeks ago, I had two email accounts using POP3/SMTP and was able to send and receive email without problem. Suddenly, I could not send email even though I had changed no settings. I tried all the combination of settings I could but mostly the result was a connection memo that timed out or an immediate handshake failed message. Running rev 3.9.3 which as nearly as I can determine is latest for Mint 17.

CtrlAltDel 4 years ago


MeatHelmet 5 years ago

An excellent email client that beats the pants off of Thunderbird and KMail. And it's extremely lightweight as well. Great job!

topper 5 years ago

Frente a otras aplicaciones de correo, es difícil de configurar

dennisjoslin 5 years ago

Using claws on our server to email faxes to the fax server. Great that it supports LDAP address book so we can use a shared "phonebook" for sending faxes.

zl1bjq 5 years ago

Does everything I want and it is a heap faster than Th/bird. Impressed.

lramji84 5 years ago

Not so easy to setup. Uses different protocols to send and receive emails. Thats BS

Gaius 6 years ago

I think when Thunderbird finally stops being updated, this will be the default client for all Linux distros. A real pleasure to use.

gerard_bekking 6 years ago

Use this because evolution lost my mail twice, so 5 years ago made the switch to claws no problem ever since

Longiaru 6 years ago

Looks like a great program but does not work with darker themes. White-on-white in the folders and email header windows. No amount of tweaking, even with 'clawsker' configuration program will fix it. Shouldn't have to change your whole theme to run one program. Nuts! I would have loved to use it.

Edmund 6 years ago

Unfortunately the search option doesn't search the sub folders