Various new mail notifiers for Claws Mail
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This plugin for Claws Mail mailer collects several ways of notification of new (and possibly unread) mail to the user.

Currently the following methods are implemented: - a banner - a popup window - a custom command - a message to a LCD daemon - a system tray icon - an indicator
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SilenceIsG0lden 4 months ago

Uninstalled. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, but in my LM 21.1 / Claws 4.0.0 version it busted my setup after installing and setting notifications: when I chose the system tray notification it froze the top navigation bar in my Claws and removed the navigation buttons (the usual ones for shrinking and closing any window). When I restarted Claws, all plugins had been unloaded. I reloaded and picked a different notification setting, but it all happened again. Once I uninstalled this plugin, all was fine. No clue what's up, but something is. Only good I installed the plugins consecutively!