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"I LOVE OnlyOffice; it has just the right amount of features and settings! Anyone complaining about missing features should really give it another try; e.g., it now has auto-recover, forced compatibility for old MS Word files, etc. Note that in order to get to each application's settings, you need to start, e.g., a document and then click on File > Advanced Settings. I'm hoping the options won't continue to grow, as I picked OnlyOffice specifically because my needs at home are very minimal - that's why I banned the awfully complex and complicated LibreOffice by making a custom 21.1 ISO with Cubic that excludes it right from the start. Had to edit it, because to my absolute delight it is also able to save any text as an epub file! Yes, without any add-ons, right out of the box. And the resulting epubs are fully flexible (as in: no hard line-breaks, font sizes, etc.)."
"Still love it! (See my review for the regular package.) Now using the OFFICIALLY supported Flatpak (thanks, devs!) to have newer version. Very happy. :) "
"To each his/her own, but I don't understand why anyone would want to install the huge, not official Flatpak version of MEGA, considering MEGA is one of the few who actually have a dedicated Linux support. I simply installed my version directly from MEGA; it's always updated, works perfectly and has official support. "
"Uninstalled. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, but in my LM 21.1 / Claws 4.0.0 version it busted my setup after installing and setting notifications: when I chose the system tray notification it froze the top navigation bar in my Claws and removed the navigation buttons (the usual ones for shrinking and closing any window). When I restarted Claws, all plugins had been unloaded. I reloaded and picked a different notification setting, but it all happened again. Once I uninstalled this plugin, all was fine. No clue what's up, but something is. Only good I installed the plugins consecutively!"
"Love it! Don't love the name, which I can never remember. You neither? Then don't forget to also install (and activate) the "Nemo-compare" plugin, so you can launch it from within Nemo, after picking two things to compare!"
"NOT OFFICIAL! After installing it (since it's a newer version than the regular one included in the current Software Manager), I ran into various issues. Nothing too major, but annoying: there were only English-language dictionaries, at least one plug-in was missing, no option to install a different icon theme; Clawsker didn't work. Hadn't had much experience (and much less knowledge) with Flatpaks, so I investigated. Shocked to learn that lots of Flatpaks are apparently EXPRESSLY unwanted by the original software developers (Claws-Mail team being one) and NOT supported. Also learned that those who make the Flatpaks often need to include absolutely everything anyone would want (in this case it should've had all language dictionaries, all icon packs and all plugins). There are many developers who are asking for the listings (like in the Software Manager) to remove links to the official software's site, because it makes it look more legitimate than it is. Note: this does NOT apply to ALL Flatpaks, some are fine and supported - easiest to check if you go to the official site and look for any reference to a Flatpak. Btw, now I'm back to the regular version of Claws-Mail and very happy. :) "
"Great, while it worked. In my current setup (on 21.1) the preferences interface is too longer and can't be scrolled or resized: I can no longer see the buttons to confirm my changes. Biggest problem: Trim Whitespaces and Trim Newlines that's checked of (by default?) result in all line-breaks being removed from copied text, hence it all turns into one long, free flowing paragraph! Off to find an alternative. Maybe no updates in 10 yrs is too long."
"This is my go-to, just need to check something browser on my desktop! The equivalent to the duckduckgo browser on my tablet. It's sooo fast, almost every site seems to work, and the out-of-the box spam protection setting per AdBlock add-on is working flawlessly (I'm in the US, results likely vary, but you can add block lists). Two neat things are the zoom slider, instead of the typical %-buttons, and the quick button to load or not load images, either for a while, everywhere or just on that page. Nice. Sometimes simple is perfect. Don't get me wrong: this is a fully functioniong browser, with password manager, cookie management (incl. whitelisting), spell-check, etc. Oh, and a user agent changer (though the options could be more up-to-date)."
"I was looking for a tool like this for a long time since switching to Linux! And to make it "better" for those of us coming from Windows, you don't have to use it only from the Terminal, just add it to the Nemo file manager to start it via right click context menu selection (for details see this forum post Note: In case you think nothing happened once you right-clicked and chose "Print tree" - open your browser, it'll dump the results in there and you can print it. Thank you for this tool!!"
"Should be mentioned at least as a recommended component when downloading Claws Mail. Happy to have found it for tweaks such as this one: the default sorting in the Sent folder is, basically, by your own email address. You can swith this on the GUI tab inside Clawsker so the default sorting happens by the recipients address. One vital setting, in my opinion, is the option to have the FROM column show the sender's address (or name and address) instead of the default, which is ONLY the name. This default setting is surprising, because you have a higher level of security when you can see the sender address (also), not just the name, which is much easier to spoof than a whole email address. There are many more options waiting to be explored in Clawsker, and they are all explained when mouse-hovering over a field. THANK YOU for this!!"