Unofficial Microsoft Teams client for Linux using Electron
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Unofficial Microsoft Teams client for Linux using Electron.

It uses the Web App and wraps it as a standalone application using Electron.

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derpommes 3 months ago

Was working very well for months, just wondering how the updates come in. Is there an UI update from MS Teams on the fly? E.g. a few weeks ago the design within video calls changed and yesterday I lost background effect functionality. Anyone else having issues with it now?

rdlf4 4 months ago

I used to use the previous version, which seemed to launch and work just fine. Then, today (November 15, 2022) I was notified of an update for this flatpak. Went ahead, installed it and it will not even launch anymore. It spits out all sorts of errors when trying to launch it from terminal. Congrats developer/Ismael Martinez, you've rendered your app useless with just an update.

mooo 6 months ago

This Electron app is way better than Microsoft's Preview or Insider version! Finally you can use background blur under Linux and you get decent notifications. Zoom factor for the whole app would be nice, since Teams has really small fonts on 14" with Full HD, otherwise great app!

luft_marlon 1 year ago

First It was very nice and better then the official one but scinse two days I can't see the callender so it is useless for me now.

mbischo 1 year ago

It is the only version I found so far (including the official MS Version and the web app) that behaves exactly the same as my android app.

bess 1 year ago

Looks the same as windows version, but I couldn't send or receive messages, nor enter a previously scheduled meeting. Creating a meet worked fine.Audio and cam worked fine. It consumes a around 100MB less than the official linux preview version (maybe thats why it cant send my messages xD)

khalfdan 2 years ago

Installed no prob, hit teams link to join, resulted in almost crashing machine with innumerable recurring pop ups and no joy on joining. Had to uninstall to get it to stop and then manually close all the stupid windows.

rugunac 2 years ago

Clicked a link for a meeting, then this kept up opening, non stop! It's like old annoying pop ups. Uninstalled but took me ages to close them all

jastombaugh 2 years ago

Had trouble accessing Teams in Firefox. This wrapper works very well, and serves as a nice container for work-baised access to Teams. No issues so far. I am not set up for voice/video calls on the desktop so these features haven't been tested by me yet, but managing contacts, communications, and services so far works very well. Functions very much like a regular desktop client/app. Great job putting this together.

C3x64 2 years ago

Surprisingly, it is more compatible with older hardware than official version. Download it if official client screams you have no camera/mic or you lack functions etc. Pretty sure this one will work.