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"Horrible application. Really. Cumbersome to say the least, which is a shame. After all this time, to witness Rhythmbox devs just wasting their time on this project, might as well just END support for it. Even Amberol can be much more attractive, uncomplicated and SIMPLE TO USE than this piece of crap."
"While it's great to have on Linux, Solaar does not allow for middle-mouse commands like the Logi app does on Windows. Additionally, this version along with kernel v5.15.0-50 makes my APU spike in activity, never settling and therefore my APU never reaches its lowest temp."
"I used to use the previous version, which seemed to launch and work just fine. Then, today (November 15, 2022) I was notified of an update for this flatpak. Went ahead, installed it and it will not even launch anymore. It spits out all sorts of errors when trying to launch it from terminal. Congrats developer/Ismael Martinez, you've rendered your app useless with just an update."
"If VLC shows a trilinear filtering with blurry playback, go to tools > preferences, choose the Input/codec tab and in Hardware-accelerated decoding, choose VA-API Video decoder via DRM. By default, VLC can give a wrong impression, so that fixes that. Also, it will never remember the window positioning; And no need for a system tray icon for a VIDEO player. It does its job, that's about it."
"Come on, we're still stuck at v0.3 but v1 has been out there for MONTHS now and it supports EXFAT partitions out of the box. How much longer is it going to take for that version to be available for Linux Mint? Nothing against building and compiling it myself, but I can't launch it using the menus, I always have to go to the directory and sudo launch the executable from there, which is very tedious and inconvenient. UP THIS VERSION NOW!"
"It doesn't work on LM 19.1"
"I couldn't get this to LAUNCH on Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa 64-bit, updated and all."
"I expected much more from a PDF reader that comes with Linux MInt. There is no dark mode, adjusting the zoom level is annoying as hell to do on the touchpad, and most importantly the autoscroll feature should be configurable, I HATE this feature and cannot disable it! Matterfact this is the reason I'm looking for another PDF reader to replace xreader with."
"It only gets 3* because #1 there's no way to add an applet to work as an Applications Launcher/System Menu by myself, I have to rely on other people's themes to do that; #2 intellihide needs a lot of improvement, it keeps on showing up when it shouldn't (ie when using Steam in fullscreen mode and hovering over STORE makes Plank show up); #3 If you're on Linux Mint, try logging out of your account, then log back in. For some reason, Plank takes much longer to show upon logging back in to my session than it does after my machine is done booting up. Devs, please update this application."
"This application no longer works. It keeps asking for a browser update. I even went further and installed Chrome just because of it, to no use. It no longer works."
"It doesn't do a great job on Linux Mint 19 with support for GTK3. Hell this version is NOT RECOMMENDED by the Mate Dock team as they state on their own Gtihub! The version that comes with LM19 is v0.85 - the one on Github currently is v0.86. If you download and take a look at their own it says the only version that supports GTK3 provided by Linux Mint is v0.80! SO WHAT'S THE POINT to make this version available for the newest Linux Mint? Mate-dock v0.85 does not display some icons, especially the ones you run under Wine (or Windows applications) - it just won't display them, you're forced into using Alt+Tab ALL THE TIME! Sometimes, even after opening up an app from the launcher makes the launcher icon to flash continuosly, it's annoying! And after you've successfully launched an app and then minimize it, mate-dock just won't unminimize it, rather it will just flash the icon repeatedly, again forcing you into using Alt+tab all the time. So again, WHAT'S THE POINT for using this applet?!"
"Not good. Yes, there are tons of options if compared to the other, but those options change nothing! In other words, most applets for this thing do NOT WORK! Even the ones downloaded from their own website! HDDTemp? No, it doesn't work. Calendar? Nope. CPUtemp? no! Their own system menu is BROKEN! All you need to break it is click on it, type something so it will search and position itself off and remain that way until you either kill it or log in again. In other words, it's too damn easy to break this dock application, it's ridiculous. Not to mention the notification are is treated like a separate dock and that is not even configurable. Cairo-dock tries to impress you with its little tricks, but in the end you might notice it's just a bugfest masked as a dock application. I like Avant-Window-Navigator better, but until it's available to use on LM19, I'll look for something else."
"The legacy edition performed better IMO. But people got it right this time, Skype doesn't do it anymore. Chances are you're better off with Discord, which receives updates every so often. The ONLY reason I can think of in order to justify installing Skype nowadays is because it's the only app that lets you send SMS. Screen sharing no longer works. Hell it isn't even an option anymore. Anyways, VNC Viewer does a much better job than Skype, so there's that."
"You can't go wrong with this app! Get it now!"
"That's right, it gets 3* for: A) it doesn't take as much system resources as I expected it to; B) it really helps whenever you want to open up an app or a wine-based app, which is a plus; C) It supports themes and starts up with the system. But it isn't perfect, as it conflicts with some other applications such as Avant Window Navigator. On top of that, it should come with a Listener or some kind of App Watcher, just so we can then DISABLE it when a game is launched. I have mine set to display a menu whenever I hold down the right mouse button. When gaming, this is a real problem, so I have to remind myself to close it before launching a game. Grr.."
"Very basic Twitter desktop app. You will be notified by it via system notification, which is a nice touch. However, it still doesn't support more than 140 characters, no night view mode, media viewer is sometimes broken and it won't let you view your own settings (your account, people you follow and your followers unless you find a tweet that contains your username and then click on it. In a nutshell, it does the job but there is room for improvement."
"Much better than Chrome. However, in order to use it, you might have to give up on your RSS reader or any other important addons you have for it could be incompatible with FF57, which sucks but is very well worth it. It`s up to you!"
"It doesnt work on Mint 17.3 32-Bit. A shame really, since it doesn't work on Mint 16 either. I wonder how long until the Dev supports Mint."