A simple and modern eBook viewer
  12 reviews

Foliate is a simple and modern GTK eBook viewer.

Features include:

  • Two-page view and scrolled view
  • Customize font and line-spacing
  • Light, sepia, dark, and invert mode
  • Reading progress slider with chapter marks
  • Bookmarks and annotations
  • Find in book
  • Quick dictionary lookup
Latest reviews
X_line 6 months ago

It's good and one of the best on Linux for mobi and AZW files.

Haggen88 1 year ago

The best e-reader

LambLeeg 1 year ago

Literally the best reader among all OS'

yagmuradam 1 year ago

Best e-reader in Linux. I highly suggest you to install it with ppa, which is provided in Foliate's website. Otherwise you might get errors like "could not open file".

deontay3579 1 year ago

This is the best ebook reader for Linux I've ever used. The one flaw is that bookmarks don't sort themselves automatically by chapter.

DWnz 2 years ago

This is the best reader friendly ereader.It has helped me rediscover the pleasure of a good book.It is very exciting to see that it is under heavy development.

rikerlinux 2 years ago

Melhor programa pra gerir Ebooks que encontrei no mundo Linux. Possui um belo visual e é fácil de usar

ozzfan1976 2 years ago

One of the best epub readers for any OS. It is feature rich, distraction free and makes reading ebooks a pleasurable experience. This is trul a very well thought out and beautifully crafted piece of software.

Fanny_Mae 2 years ago

It's just ... the ONE ! Amazing, easy-to-use, a no-headache reader. Just perfect. TY devs.

runawaytrike 2 years ago

I've tried a bunch of readers, this is the only one that has everything I want. It's really beautiful, has a customizable dark mode, allows bookmarks, and full EPub functionality.

coitus 3 years ago

Tried many of the readers available, this one seems to be the best and most intuitive.

googkhan 3 years ago

One of the best looking application on Linux desktop. Even full feature, bugless. Can read epub, mobi, azw, and azw3 files. Thanks!