A program to help you download, keep updated, and run the Tor Browser Bundle
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Tor Browser Launcher is intended to make the Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) easier to maintain and use for GNU/Linux users. It downloads the same TBB from that everyone else uses, and it doesn't alter it in any way. But it does make it much more usable, and it makes the task of keeping it up-to-date more secure.

You install torbrowser-launcher from your distribution's package manager and it handles everything else, including:

  • Downloading the most recent version of TBB for you, in your language and for your architecture
  • Automatically updating (while preserving your bookmarks and preferences)
  • Verifying the TBB's GnuPG signature
  • Includes AppArmor profiles to make a Tor Browser compromise not as bad (in some distros)
  • Adding a Tor Browser application launcher to your desktop environment's menu
  • Lets you set Tor Browser as your default browser
  • Optionally playing a modem sound when you open Tor Browser (because Tor is so slow)
Latest reviews
Award79 9 months ago

Не работает. Does not work. Linux Mint 20.3 Una.

Jers_A_Gem 1 year ago

Installed fine for me using Software Manager on Linux Mint 20.3 Una. Looks like the same Tor Broswer I know and love.

Fonzie 1 year ago

The Flatpak version (this one) does not install on Mint 20. The version from their site runs well, but I cannot set that as my default browser. So I am not very happy about this.

PROSTO 1 year ago

Не работает

caltrop4 1 year ago

sorry - I DO NOT DO FLATPAK!!!

asbelous 2 years ago

Всё прекрасно работает. Первый запуск требует времени, зато потом просто летает!

Hoerli 2 years ago

Installieren, Starten, "Anonym" - einfacher gehts eigentlich nicht. Jetzt muss nur der vor dem Monitor noch etwas mit verstand surfen :)

IDfixe76 3 years ago

Installation automatique de la dernière version TOR pour votre Linux Mint préféré, ya plus qu'à épingler l’icône en bas de page, un régal !