An easy to use, light-weight, on-demand virus scanner for Linux systems
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ClamTk is a frontend for ClamAV (Clam Antivirus). It is intended to be an easy to use, light-weight, on-demand scanner for Linux systems.
ClamAV® is an open source (GPL) anti-virus engine used in a variety of situations including email scanning, web scanning, and end point security.
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Ceadda 1 month ago

Works great. You just need to enable "scan directory..." in settings so it scans everything. Otherwise will only scan files in the folder you select. Once you learn the app, it's very good.

bajosega 6 months ago

No me responde muy bien la interfaz , luego de un rato de uso decidí quitarlo .

jcoles 10 months ago

Looks like it can scan only one file or one directory at a time. Where's the "scan system" function? Perhaps there is more functionality available, but the modern minimalist (dumbed down) GUI obsures it.