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"You might get lucky and it will "just work". Otherwise, it needs documentation. How EXACTLY do I configure this? Multiple critical settings at both ends make finding the right combo by chance unlikely. My logon appears to be accepted, but my screen is blank. Obviously my server end (xrdp package installed) is not set up correctly. But I have no idea how to diagnose or fix the problem."
"For me (LM 21.3 MATE), I welcome the ability of Ayatana Indicators to retain a list of notifications that have come and gone. It is long overdue. But I am unable to configure these indicators. The Ayatana Indicators Settings app in the Control Centre is flakey. You can't change tabs with the mouse. You can change tabs with the cursor keys until you edit some settings on a tab, then you can't. The settings have no effect anyway, even after a logout/login. Major QA fail. On a minor note, the Time settings should include a 24-hr option."
"Even the lastest version 2.0.3 is terribly unintuitive and inconsistent. Sometimes there's a green Edit button, sometimes there's not. Sometimes you need to click the Edit button, sometimes you don't. When I first opened the program, I was unable to create new entries until I clicked Edit. Subsequently, I could make entries whether Edit was present or not, but I needed to click Edit to remove unwanted (accidental) entries. So many times I have tried to navigate the learning curve and then given up in frustration. Then a new version is released and I try again, only to find that it is still awkward and inconsistent."
"Why is this still here? Outdated. Horrible interface. No support for digital TV."
"Outdated. For my HVR-2250 TV card, TV Standard shows only NTSC, not ATSC."
"OK standalone but cannot import from gnote. Import function creates empty "untitled note"."
"Works well from image files. What is the minimum camera requirement? I could not detect or decode with my Logitech C270 720p webcam. The app needs integration with the desktop. Add a .desktop file, so that the app is added to the menu. Also, add drag and drop for image files."
"Works with image files from a scanner. Doesn't work with my webcam which is a typical one that does not zoom and cannot focus sharply on anything closer than 30cm or so. After many tries, holding the paper still at the minimum distance that is still in focus, QtQR decodes the URL in the QR code as "43". WRONG! Please specify camera requirements, how large the QR code must be in the captured image, etc."
"Too complicated and non-standard. Can't just simply open a file or directory. It requests a selection of directories as part of creating a session, and all functions are applied to all mp3 files in the folder. Need simpler app with standard File > Open or drag/drop functionality."
"Looks like it can scan only one file or one directory at a time. Where's the "scan system" function? Perhaps there is more functionality available, but the modern minimalist (dumbed down) GUI obsures it."
"I used QLandkarteGT a few years ago and it was difficult. This is baffling. Wordy but vague documentation blocks most of the screen, promising to go away only when you "activate" a map. I never figured out how. As far as I can tell, there is no facility to download/install maps from the web. Instead, you have find maps yourself, wrestling with all of the complexities of types and formats. No thanks. Couldn't find a way to import a track from a Garmin USB device either. Why not let the user import a track and automatically import the relevant map? Make the process simple."
"Installs incompletely. Error on start: Could not open library 'libkdeinit5_kppp'."
"Can be flaky. Might not even start. If the program doesn't work as its Help file describes, try the Installer version from the website. Their support forum is quite good, too."
"Unlike "Shared Folders", system-config-samba actually makes files available on the network! Write access doesn't work, even though owner permissions are rwx. One step at a time..."
"No visible functionality installed. Used Synaptic to install gwsetep, but that program doesn't do anything, either. How do I import my GEDCOM file? It is completely unclear how to proceed. Even the website explains nothing!"
"Could not import QIF data. CPU endlessly 100% with grisbi unresponsive. Kill. Remove. NEXT!"
"Doesn't work at all in Linux Mint 14."
"You need to know that this is stricly a command line utility. It is not added to the menu and there is no graphical app to help you configure the many options."