Run Google Play Music as a standalone desktop app
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Run Google Play Music as a standalone desktop app. Never again will you have to hunt through your tabs to pause your music, or stop listening to your favourite song because Chrome is guzzling up all your RAM..

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warrior109 3 years ago

Perfect!) Thanks for this app

Jedi_Fonseca 3 years ago

Great work guys!

n1lt0n 4 years ago

Ótimo, esta integrado com o controle de volume e funciona muito bem, para os que preferem o spotify, a idéia aqui é avaliar o software desenvolvido e nao a plataforma.

brunodalcruz 4 years ago

Prefiro o spotify do que este aqui, pois não tem opção de música gratuita

oldtimer 4 years ago

Looking at the Google play music desktop player website as of 23 March 2018, it states that 'Google Play Music Desktop Player is open source on GitHub'. Have previously used the deb version of the app on Linux Mint v17.3. Since February have used the flakpak version on v18.3. Impressed with the presentation & functionality. Both worked without any issues. Recommend this app for streaming if you store your music with Google.

Linuxgamer94 5 years ago

It is decent, to bad it is closed source. Not that bad to bad it is a flatpack and not a snap.

RavetcoFX 5 years ago

It's funny this says "Chrome guzzling up all your RAM" because this is an Electron App which is basically another instance of chrome running using 100s of MB of RAM. This is actually worse than just using chrome as is doesn't have Hardware acceleration, meaning its laggy as heck on a 4K screen. Only redeeming quality is that it has neat color customization.