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Asus Motherboard PC, Works perfectly
Mint 19.x
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"all, Info from the HPLIP release notes may help with what version to install for your Linux Mint Distro: LM20 - 3.20.9 [released early Oct-20], LM19.3 - 3.20.3, LM19.2 - 3.19.8, LM19.1 - 3.19.3, LM19 - 3.18.9. For those on LM20, it is complicated by the fact that there is a regression issue in Linux Mint 20. Apparently, some USB printers & scanners which worked perfectly fine in 19.3 no longer work in 20. See Clem's 'September 2020 News' in the Linux Mint Blog for more details & potential workaround. May have to wait until 20.1 release in Dec 2020 for a stable solution."
"Since Systemd was enabled by default on Linux Mint, timedatectl / timesyncd (part of systemd) replaced most of the funtionality of ntpdate / ntp. timesyncd is available by default and replaces not only ntpdate, but also the client portion of ntp. timesyncd will keep your Mint workstation time in sync. Try the command $timedatectl status for a confidence check."
"Gogglesmm has been my favourite player for the past 18 months. Although it doesn't have the coolest GUI, its fast & responsive with all the functionality I need. Note that the current version (v0.12.7) in Software Manager is really old. Latest version on GitHub is v1.2.1 ( and has INSTALL instructions with list of dependiences. Based on a recent Q&A with Sander Jansen, the developer, on, there may be a SNAP version in the future."
"Looking at the Google play music desktop player website as of 23 March 2018, it states that 'Google Play Music Desktop Player is open source on GitHub'. Have previously used the deb version of the app on Linux Mint v17.3. Since February have used the flakpak version on v18.3. Impressed with the presentation & functionality. Both worked without any issues. Recommend this app for streaming if you store your music with Google."