Call and message skype users, with video chat support
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Skype makes staying in touch incredibly easy and fun! If you have a webcam and a microphone, you can easily make video calls and voice calls to anyone in the world who also has Skype. This app’s features are simple to use and you can stay in touch with people anywhere in world!

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dbunkerd 11 months ago

Better install the apt version. I was unable to download (save) files to anywhere on my disk. (Linux MInt 20.3)

richolate 1 year ago

funciona muy bien en LMDE 5. (works great on LMDE 5.)

Erebus_Oneiros 2 years ago

I don't know why there are some reviewers saying this version is old. This is a flatpack version so it's always updated. As on 23 Jan 21: this version states it is v8.67.0.96, checking on skype's website it is the latest version. Go for the flatpack version (this) if you want peace of mind for updating and packing.

makiwaro 3 years ago

Nie działa mikrofon! Trzeszczy, szumy i nic nie słychać! :/ Na windows 10 skype działa bez problemu.

tom_densford 3 years ago

Does not install a repository key so it never updates itself and always reports that a new version is ready. I had to either install the NOT-flathub version or get the latest version from and install it myself. I am pretty sure this must be an over-site on Flathub's part.

Riccancelli 3 years ago

Don't waste your time, if you are looking for the last and updated Skype go to the official website and download the last DEB package. You will find the last Skype version. Enjoy your life it's only one.

RocketWolf 3 years ago

Why would the last user install a version that is not being updated and is 3 version older than the other package listed here in the software manager?

andresfallasv 3 years ago

Works perfectly

Ephata 4 years ago

Sympa de l'avoir sur Linux, mais Skype commence à prendre un peu la poussière...

jutaireis 4 years ago

Funcionando Perfeito do meu Mint 19 <3

ka4a 5 years ago

Awesome, Desktop sharing, Video Calls..

Aberts10 5 years ago

Its alright. Discord is better nowadays.