WPS Office Suite
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WPS Office including Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets, is a powerful office suite, which is able to process word file, produce wonderful slides, and analyze data as well. It is deeply compatible with all of the latest Microsoft Office file formats. It can easily open and read the documents created with Microsoft Office.
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vvk771 1 month ago

It's interesting, the version on Debian works better in case of rendering documents compare to Ubuntu version..

webwrx 3 months ago

This is a very polished package that is beautiful to use. But a couple of things worry me. The EULA is very intimidating and uncomfortable. Also, not happy with the folder restrictions - I should be able to open and save-to any location on my own system, not just locations WPS decides. Would love to see macros or VBA in Spreadsheets. Otherwise this is a very highly polished and professional package.

lsallen 4 months ago

This software restricts the folders included FILE/OPEN. You can't even specify a folder on your own computer to look in, other than the ones that the software starts in! WTF! This is an unnecessary restriction that no one asked for, and is an unbelievably stupid thing to do to an otherwise decent software package. I was desperately looking for something better than OpenOffice, and I think this package works better, but because of this idiotic restriction I will be uninstalling the software immediately. I have been organizing my files since 1986 in very specific ways. My directory structure is part of how I organize and find information quickly. It is not these developer's place to tell me how to organize my files. Their one job was to make a usable office software package. They have failed at this simple task because they have the idea that their thoughts should supercede everyone else's. Further proof of this is their complete disregard for and neglect of open-source-inspired ODT files.

Muzza 5 months ago

It's pretty much a Chinese clone of MS Office, but runs natively on Linux. The free Linux version is without adverts and restrictions unlike their free Windows version. Love the eye protection mode. Wish they had icon choices for the UI - their new set is flat and boring. A game changer as I can seamlessly work on my files jumping between Windows and Linux via cloud sync without fighting formatting differences. Would rate as awesome but for me both Flatpack and .deb versions sometimes crashes - more work improving stability is needed by Kingsoft.

completo 6 months ago

I like it. It looks like better than libreoffice. I hate libreoffice because it is impossible to keep the documents formated. The only problem that I see in WPS is that it only opens/saves documents in the Documents folder.

madmax95 6 months ago

I believe it is the best MS office alternative, but there are compatibility issues with reading files created in MS office.

rbkdude 7 months ago

I've tested the big 3 and WPS is the best. I brought in a massive Excel sheet I am using at work. Only WPS loaded the data the fastest without errors. It also made it easier to get things done. For the Writer applicaion, any of the application can get the job done. However WPS I did zero tweaking while the others required some. Save yourself the time and use WPS. I've donated to Libre, Softmaker, and WPS to support alternate MS products.

warunadmc 8 months ago

This is a great choice if you are moving from MS office products. WPS office is 100% compatible with MS versions. I myself used it in production level work with 0 issues. Unfortunately, odt support is not really good. Regarding unicode, there as still problems when working with IME's

asraras 9 months ago

amazing far better than libreoffice,

Dodo78 9 months ago

Did not recognize my OneDrive folder. I think on purpose. Also cant use odt files i already have.. So i removed it without further testing. Iirc i had it on my phone some years ago and didnt like it either.. But just try it yourself. Sure looks nice tho

Rosan 10 months ago

This is perhaps far better than libre office with professional look and ease of access. An MS office user will find it highly compatible.

Viatrufka 10 months ago

So much better than Libre office. Just try it.