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"This is a very polished package that is beautiful to use. But a couple of things worry me. The EULA is very intimidating and uncomfortable. Also, not happy with the folder restrictions - I should be able to open and save-to any location on my own system, not just locations WPS decides. Would love to see macros or VBA in Spreadsheets. Otherwise this is a very highly polished and professional package."
"A basic backup/restore of your home folder it does the job well for a simple tool included with the operating system. I've used it for ad-hoc backups and used the restore function after upgrading my HDD for reinstalling the system, and the home directory backup / restore worked fine. I found the "Software selection" backup doesn't work at all. I also find the default backup location to /Documents/Backups/ to be confusing. I'm sure most people would want to back up to an external device such as a USB HDD.... so just a minor thing to keep in mind to change this when using. Now I'm settling into my new system I will probably replace this with something that can run on a schedule."
"Installs well under LMDE3 (Cindy) as Flatpak and runs well as always - even on an 11yo MacBook! Very happy."
"A bit of stuffing around to set up, but advanced-intermediate users should be okay. Just follow the MiniDLNA Community Help wiki. Ensure you allow incoming connections in your Firewall config (the firewall in Mint 19 has a preset MiniDLNA rule profile you just need to add). Also if your media library lives on an external hard drive, you need to mount the drive at startup (start - pref - disks, select drive and partition, edit mount options, mount at startup) - and use the full /mnt/USB-blahblahblahblah location as the library location in the miniDLNA config. Goodluck."
"Great software for all OSM enthusiasts, but this links to a very old version that does not work!! Get a more recent working version by following their repository install instructions (for Ubuntu / 'Other Debian') and the current stable (tested) version should work just fine. 5/5 for JOSM, 1/5 for Software Manager outdated link and no apparent way of reporting/fixing it."
"Very handy. Works exactly as expected and had no problems with it. Nice and fast too."
"Open Street Maps was a project which I put hundreds of hours into. It's great to see everybody's contributions get brought to life in this fantastic mapping application."
"Been using it for years. It's very good, but I hope they get on with some improvements soon. Recently cleaned up my massive IMAP mailbox on my ISP - wanted to delete large volumes of messages and emptying trash, and Thunderbird behaved more like an Albatross (around my neck). I tried another mail client by comparison to continue the clean-up and found the other client to be much speedier for this large task. Been using Thunderbird for many years and fits like a comfortable old shoe, but maybe it's time to try something new for a while."