Listen to internet radio
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Shortwave is an internet radio player that provides access to a station database with over 25,000 stations.
Create your own library where you can add your favorite stationsEasily search and discover new radio stationsAutomatic recognition of songs, with the possibility to save them individuallyResponsive application layout, compatible for small and large screensPlay audio on supported network devices (e.g. Google Chromecasts)Seamless integration into the GNOME desktop environment
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RavetcoFX 2 months ago

Great place to browse free online Radio Stations. I personally use it to listen to CBC Music and Classical FM Canada

JonnyBarbun87 4 months ago

Ottima applicazione con interfaccia grafica intuitiva e dotata di un ottimo database. Assolutamente consigliata.

lm-user-de 1 year ago

EU-De -- PRO: relativ gute Alternative zu GRadio, nutzt dessen Radio-List DB, Contra: bricht oft den Radio-Stream ab und muss dann neu gestartet werden. Brexitania-En--PRO: relatively good alternative to GRadio, uses its radio list DB, Contra: often interrupts the radio stream and must then be restarted.